AUGUST Compressor Heat Recovery Technology

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percentage schemata


Air Compressor can be optionally equipped with a System. Also existing  installations  can be later updated by using the heat recovery system.

Why to use heat recovery?

The answer is quite simple: While 94% of the energy used in an Screw Air Compressor can be recovered for producing warm water for different usage in the plant, it would be purely wasted money, if you do not use such a heat recovery.

Also by using heat recovery systems you can reduce the emission and contribute to the environmental protection, by energy and money.

For almost any process in your  workplace or factory that requires hot water or steam, AUGUST compressor heat recovery system can reduce your energy consumption and most important your CO2 emissions too. The application of such recovered heat can range from cleaning, sterilizing,  boiling, melting  and similar  processes, to simply heating  your real estate and  factory buildings with no additional costs.

Main benefits of Heat Recovery Systems

1. Safety, healthy, convenient and practical and a sustainable solution.

Screw compressor heat recovery compared with electric / coal / oil-fired boilers, the benefits are: No emission of Carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, smoke and noise and oil into the atmospheric . Once installed and put into use, as long as the compressor is running, the hot water supply is provided and can be used at any time. Using the Heat Recovery System will also prove your corporate sense of environmental awareness and responsibility for protection. The ROI of the Heat Recovery System  is in the short term range and will bring you returns from the first moment of usage with technically simple  setup and maintenance.

2. Economy

Furthermore the Heat Recovery System will  improve  the operation of the air compressor in points of  the economic efficiency. Most air compressor manufacturer set the fan startup running temperature to 80 ℃ for activating the cooling. After  installing  the  heat recovery to your  air compressor  the air temperature will already be reduced before reaching  the cooler of the compressor, which will be resulting in less frequent running of the cooler fan. Thus will reduce the energy costs for the electricity consumption by the cooler fan motor which is up to 2Kw depending on the size of the compressor.  Air compressors are generally  running between 80-96 ℃, while the use of the heat recovery System can reduce the system temperature by 8-12 degree C, which is an economic benefit of 4-8% .

Heat recovery can be installed in any air compressor and will come with low maintenance requirements.

Selecting  the safe and efficient energy products is wise and practical.

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August Heat Recovery unit
August Heat Recovery unit
August Heat Recovery unit

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Heat Recovery Compressor description
Heat Recovery Compressor description
See How To Use The Recovered Heat In the Daily Usage
See How To Use The Recovered Heat In the Daily Usage

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