AUGUST is committed to Green Technology

august go green Since the early days of technology development in the industrial group which AUGUST screw air compressor is part of, green technology was considered as important. In those days the trend of Green was already born, even it was not yet popular in other countries than Germany. Always having a keen eye on the German development, AUGUST has launched the logo for even making it more easy to understand importance of Technology.

Energy efficient low RpM Screw Air Compressor and latest Systems are only a part of the system. It is the philosophy that is important that we create new and products together with the technology and research and development.

has also proven to our esteemed customers that it is the best  way to save money, because that is one of the great side effects. is the best Return on Investment as you save and recover energy and that is the main cost factor of the Air Compressing Technology.


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Calculating Recoverable Heat

general-Calculating_Heat_Recovery1 This week, we’re talking math and physics as it relates to energy recovery.

When air is compressed, heat is produced. Before the compressed air is distributed into the piping system and delivered to the end-process, the heat is extracted and becomes waste unless it is recovered. More than 90% of the heat energy produced by compressing air can be recovered and reused in other manufacturing processes if the energy gained by cooling the compressor installation can be utilized efficiently.

The total amount of recoverable energy usually hovers around 94%. In the following example of heat production, a total of six percent of heat is unrecoverable due to heat remaining in the compressed air or being dissipated into ambient air.

9%          Heat from the engine
72%        Heat from the oil cooler
13%        Heat from the after cooler
94%        Recoverable heat

4%          Heat remaining in the compressed air
2%          Heat dissipated in the ambient air
6%          Compressed air heat loss

A properly designed unit can recover anywhere from 50-94% of the available thermal energy and heat air or water. In an air-cooled system, the heated air can be distributed by a fan to heat the building. In a water-cooled system, the cooling water can be used to supplement a hot water heating system. The hot water can then be used in manufacturing processes or for cleaning, helping to reduce the manufacturer’s use of traditional energy sources.

The AUGUST way simple and efficient: Can be implemented into many already existing compressors installations too. Please visit

AUGUST Heat Recovery Schemata
AUGUST Heat Recovery Schemata
See How To Use The Recovered Heat In the Daily Usage
See How To Use The Recovered Heat In the Daily Usage