The Playing Field is Set- launch of Permanent Magnet Motor VSD

AUGUST screw air compressor PM energy saving compare

August Screw Air Compressor has set the playing field for the new generation of energy saving compressors with sustainable advanced technology. The percentage of energy saving is about 45-40% compared with a  standard Screw Air Compressor.

Some additional milestones of the advanced technology are the synchronizing variable frequency compressor which are equipped with high efficiency synchronizing motor (PM motor). Compared to normal motors, PM motors have a smaller volume and provide a higher energy savings factor.

It will exert incomparable energy saving effect than normal inductive motor when installed with the special frequency converters. It uses high performance NdFeB magnets which will not loss magnet strength even at 120 degrees . Furthermore the service life can be up to 15 years. The winding winding is made of special corona resistant wire with excellent insulation performance.

As the magnetic conductivity of rotors is very high, the diameter is smaller and therefore able to be installed directly to the air-end. This reduced use of bearing can eliminate the faults of motor bearing and improving the driving efficiency.  The quality of AUGUST air end of permanent magnet synchronizing variable frequency compressor is excellent and based of our long experience in air-end manufacturing. The advanced molded lines ensure the minimum specific required power consumption.

It is designed to ensure the stability and reliability of each part, and to realize long term operation with no faults, low noise and long life. 

AUGUST is providing the 5  year air-end warranty.

The permanent magnet synchronizing variable frequency compressor is equipped with special frequency converter with wider frequency converting rang.

With the rapid development of techniques, the variable frequency compressor has become a high-grade machine with a high potential for energy saving. The best choice for a high Return on Investment. 

AUGUST Compressor permanent magnet synchronizing variable frequency compressors are a competitive product among the high-grade machines.

Official Product Launch 15th October 2014 at Canton Fair

AUGUST screw air compressor PM energy saving compare
AUGUST screw air compressor PM energy saving compare