AUGUST COMPRESSORS to present advanced compressor technology at HMI

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hannover messe logo3Ningbo Xinda Group with its screw air compressor brand will attend the 2015 HMI, which is the world’s most important industrial .


Ningbo March 9th 2015

The management of under the lead of Vice General Manager Mr Eckhard Goessl did officially announce their participation at the  Fair, HMI, ( Messe) during April 2015 in .

The HMI will be a strong platform to show the advanced and independently developed compressor technology of AUGUST compressors. The complete line of compressors is reaching from the standard stationary twin screw air compressor, the VSD variable speed drive controlled one and the state of the art technology Permanent Magnet Drive silent Eco compressor. A versatile application of the lines can be provided with the range f electrical and diesel powered portable compressors. For high-end and special applications the line of in-house build Oil Free compressors is the right niche for this manufacturer. AUGUST is building the compressors with technology made in on a modern production line in Ningbo.

You will find the booth at the fairground in , Germany, April 13-17 at Messe International exhibition hall 26, booth C73-10. Their regional distributors will be attending too, thus being able to give you a deeper insight view of the 20 years of development of the AUGUST COMPRESSORS brand and over 40 years of production experience of the industrial group behind the brand.

AUGUST Compressors plan to unveil information about some of their latest innovations in their booth at this year’s event at the HMI, which is the world’s largest industrial exhibition and one of the most important events for industrial manufacturers. The exhibition hosts more than 6,500 exhibitors and more than a quarter million visitors are expected to attend.

Mr. Eckhard Goessl, the Vice General Manager of AUGUST COMPRESSORS,  stated that is an important event for AUGUST brand to get deeper in contact with their European clients and provide detailed information about their brand specific low speed, energy saving and high efficient compressor technology. A member of the R&D team will be attending the booth as well as representatives and dealers from different countries.  AUGUST Compressors is one of the leading and cutting edge manufacturer owned brands as developer of compressor technology with a clear environmental and cost saving concept. The sustainable use of compressor technology with maximizing the efficiency and ROI for the clients and investors is the baseline of the development of the related advanced technology.

As this annual exhibition draws manufacturers and buyers from around the world who are looking for ways to increase efficiency and positively affect their bottom line, a selected number from the world’s major manufacturing companies based in China will visit also this fair among other important ones in their region, Asia, Africa and Americas.

Over 40 years of manufacturing experience and 20 years of compressor technology development with a matured line of global selling twin screw air compressors and the latest ecofriendly Permanent Magnet Drive technology, will furthermore strengthen the leading position of the AUGUST Compressors brand. HMI will be a major platform to reach out to a new and demanding clientele.

You can get detailed info about those oil-free compressors in stainless steel piping build technology with super coated dry screw air ends and maximized free air delivery at minimum energy consumption, while visiting the experts at the booth in NO. 26 exhibition hall, C73-10. Furthermore the permanent magnet compressors have a compact design, provide silent operations at low rpm and the highest degree of reliability. AUGUST is built for longevity and ensuring the simplest maintenance possible. If you want to know more, stop by the AUGUST COMPRESSORS exhibit, Hall 26, Booth C73-10, at HMI.

About AUGUST Compressors

AUGUST Compressors is a division of Xinda Group Co Ltd, which is a leading high-tech company with further production lines in elevators, and permanent motors .

AUGUST Compressors is specialized to manufacture a comprehensive range of oil lubricated and oil free screw compressors for stationary and portable application used by all sectors of industry to supply compressed air for a wide range of manufacturing processes. The company also supplies a comprehensive range of heat recovery, filters, dryers and condensate management equipment. The product is sold and serviced through a dedicated network of distributors in several countries in Asia, Middle East, Americas and Europe. New potential distributors are invited to meet at the stall for discussing details for expansion of their business with AUGUST CORESSORS brand.