Have the courage to innovate and passionate in the job, be honest, undertake responsibility, create value for customers and society, provide staff development platform.


Keep innovating and stay the industry-leading position, develop and cultivate new economic growth point, according to innovation, achieve the effect of saving energy resources, protecting environment, promoting technological progress and social harmony and sustainable development.


Improve quality by honest and creativity that make sure the increase is faster than the pace of the market, ensuring the highly satisfied of our customers, employees and partners and AUGUST become a world famous equipment manufacturing enterprise.


Chairman, Zhao Jikang

Thank you for your support to August! Without all customers’ support and every staff’s effort, we will not make achievements like today, August will continue to move forward with everyone!

President, Zhao Hongming

It’s my honor to work at such a kind and passionate enterprise, every working day is a new begin for me, we achieve goals one after another, I really feel proud of that!

General Manager, Yu Lun

Creating great products is the dream for all industrial designers. In terms of me, I hope that our air compressors have the highest cost-efficient and more customers can know us!


Xinda Group and all its subsidiaries, AUGUST Compressors included, share a strong company culture with many powerful advantages and special characteristics. They are numerous but include flexible yet forward thinking, an eye towards constant development, and a steady “finger on the pulse” of market demand. Combined with true continuous improvement through excellent communication processes and accurate feedback, AUGUST and all Xinda companies solve problems for clients and end users alike.

In delivering top-notch heavy use compressors, AUGUST is aided by many other common traits with XINDA: strict application of Six Sigma principles, extensive use of a top-notch ERP system, and – also quite unlike most Asian enterprises – a tolerance for failure. What Zhao Jikang and sons know well, along with all great entrepreneurs around the globe, is that people only learn through mistakes and experimentation. Yes, the final product must be consistently perfect but our work flow, products, communications and so forth should all be under constant tweaking and redesign. In these ways, XINDA is able to unleash true originality and creativity while putting in users hands only the most reliable and cost-effective solutions.

What’s more, critical to AUGUST is XINDA’s extensive collaboration with research institutes around the world to ensure a regular injection of the latest scientific breakthroughs into new compressor designs.


  • 1972   Xinda’s predecessor, “Yinzhou Dongwu Xicun Bakelite Machine Repair Plant” was established.
  • 1978   The production of elevator accessories started.
  • 1984    Renamed to “Yinxian Elevator Accessories Factory”.
  • 1987    Renamed to “Ningbo Xinda Elevator Accessories Factory”.
  • 1989   Joined China Elevator Association.
  • 1990  Invented the first PB16A door lock in China and obtained the national patent.
  • 1991  The door lock was honored as “China’s Customer Satisfaction Product”; Won the title of “China’s Customer Satisfaction Service Enterprise”.
  • 1992  Ningbo Xinda Mechanical and Electrical Industry Company was founded.
  • 1993  Ningbo Hongda Elevator Co., Ltd. was founded.
  • 1994  Won the title of “Zhejiang’s Key Township Enterprise”.
  • 1995  “Ningbo Xinda Mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd.” was established after restructuring.
  • 1996  Ningbo Xinda (Group) Co., Ltd. was founded.
  • 1997  Elected as “Ningbo Hi-tech Enterprise”.
  • 1998  Ningbo Xinda Screw Compressor Co., Ltd. was founded.
  •  2006  AUGUST brand screw air compressor was honored as Ningbo's famous-brand product.
  •  2007  After-sale Service Department won the title of "China's Customer Satisfaction and Creating Excellence" from China Association for Quality.
  • 2010  Screw air compressor was elected as Ningbo's first group of independent innovative products.
  • 2017  AUGUST brand screw air compressor was honored as Ningbo’s famous-brand product.