factory of August Screw Air Compressor

AUGUST Screw Air Compressor Brand is independently manufactured by Ningbo Xinda Screw Compressor Co. Ltd. and develops, manufactures, markets and distributes oil-injected stationary and portable* ( *limited to selected regions) air compressors and air treatment equipment (such as compressed air dryers, coolers, and filters) to countries around the globe. AUGUST is driven by innovation and guided by decades of experience. August has an established dealer, service and distributor network with strong expansion. AUGUST Screw Air Compressor is highly specialized in compressed air solutions and dedicated to its customer satisfaction with a reliable and fast after sales service.

Our Products

AUGUST compressor series are designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 1217, GB/T3853 and JB/T6430 standards. Ensuring a long and trouble-free life at the lowest possible operating cost, the SF, SW SF-Y and T series are the latest generation of AUGUST advanced innovative oil-injected screw air compressors.

Our products range from air cooled and water cooled models in standard to VSD (Variable Speed/Frequency Drives) with an average saving of about 35% of energy costs,  all designed for efficient and energy saving use and high durability. The advanced stage of engineering and technology of AUGUST Screw Air Compressor is designed to enable trouble-free performance of the compressors in all regions, from the cold and rainy regions in Europe, the rainforest in Asia, the dessert of Middle East to the extreme weather in Russia.

High Standards

AUGUST brand has in-house Research and Develop Center with governmental certification where the core technology of AUGUST brand screw air compressor was developed independently. The AUGUST brand quality and high performance of the advanced 5:6 asymmetric rotary screw is based on manufacturing experience since 1972 as well as on advanced CNC technology machinery in the manufacturing process.

AUGUST engineering team and management strongly belief that: First-class equipment manufactures first-class products in combination with ongoing research and development.

Therefore AUGUST Screw Air Compressor are manufactured with state of the art production equipment, including high-precision screw rotor grinding machines, CNC machining centers, multidimensional CNC machining center, CNC rotor test center, computerized 3D coordinate measuring center, fully automatic sheet metal processing lines, surface powder coating lines, and specialized top end processing and testing equipment manufactured by renowned German, Japanese equipment manufacturers.

Our Warranty

AUGUST is granting a 5 YEAR Rotor WARRANTY, available on Rotary Screw running at maximum 13 Bar full load or as per machine specification stated.

To take advantage of this warranty:

  • Purchase a Spare Filter / Maintenance Kit with machine.
  • Fill out and sign start-up report and register compressor with our warranty department (Export).
  • During warranty period, maintain compressor according to operator’s manual including but not limited to recommendation for synthetic oil and filter replacements.
  • Use genuine Maintenance and Filter parts as recommended in the operator’s manual.
  • Use genuine Synthetic Lubricants as recommended in the operator’s manual.
  • Keep the compressor unit in a clean and protected working environment.
  • Avoid accidental damages of any kind to the machine.