Six Industry Sections of Xinda Group

Xinda is one of the most innovative machinery manufacturing groups in China.

For our machines, factories and solutions, we represent the cutting-edge technologies in various fields. We fully cooperate with others from elevator to printing machine and from wind energy to air compressor, so as to provide the solutions fro important application in various sectors and future markets.

Ningbo Hongda Elevator Co., Ltd.

The second place in self-owned brand of China, the ninth place for export volume, the export of 5000 elevators and escalators.

Hongda Elevator, by relying on the research and development team of its provincial enterprise technical center, whose consultant is Professor Wang Yousheng, a Chinese electrical and electronic control experts and member of Chinese Academy of Engineering; has strong ability in independent innovation and research & development of energy-saving technology, and owns leading advantage and many independent intellectual property rights in the field of energy-saving and innovation of elevator and elevator traction machine.

Hongda Elevator has imported first-class complete sets of equipment for metal cutting, sheet metal fabrication and coating and test equipment worth RMB500 million. Our products are widely applied in the government-financed projects, real estate projects, hotels and urban rail transit projects and more than 30% of our products are exported to South America, Europe, Asia and Africa ; our export volume ranks ninth in China and second in self-owned brand of China.

Ningbo Xinda Elevator Accessories Co., Ltd.

The largest production scale in China, the highest strength of research and development, the most advanced processing and testing equipment elevator accessories manufacturer.

Ningbo Xinda Elevator Accessories Co., Ltd. is one of the enterprises that started manufacturing of elevator accessories earliest have the largest capacity and the most advanced equipment and manufacturing technologies in China.

We adhere to the operation philosophy “create our brand with good faith and build our future through technical innovations” and dedicate to the research, development and manufacture of independent innovative products. We are the first to have successfully developed permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine and have created six items “Ranking First in China”. Till now, Ningbo Xinda Elevator Accessories Co., Ltd is the national key high technology enterprise and its projects for Xinda traction machine and gearless traction machine are certified as national key new products and national torch program of China.  Ningbo Xinda Elevator Accessories Co., Ltd and its main products have been awarded the titles of “National Customers Satisfied Products” and “National Customers Satisfied Service Provider” eight times in succession during twenty years (from 1991 to 2010).

Ningbo Xinda Screw Compressor Co., Ltd. AUGUST

National class II energy-saving product, CE marketing product quality.

Ningbo Xinda AUGUST Screw Compressor Co., Ltd. is the key enterprise of China’s screw air compressor industry and has a powerful research and development team and international first-class processing and testing equipment for screw air compressor. We specialize in manufacturing S series intelligent, environment-friendly and maintenance-free screw air compressor with integrated high efficiency, energy saving and low noise; our main product reaches the standard of national Class 2 high efficiency and energy-saving products and is the energy-saving product emphatically popularized by Zhejiang province.

We combine the advanced German technologies with the latest research achievement in China and rely on the core technology we own, to establish our leading position in the industry and provide advanced solution to compressed air system for customers in and outside China.

Ningbo Xinda Printing Machine Co., Ltd

Direct the trend with technology, create the future with quality.


Ningbo Xinda Printing Machine Co., Ltd is a national high technology enterprise and ranks among the top three in China by its research and development capability and manufacturing technology, its main products are medium and high grade combined type copper plate press, high-grade coating compound machine and multifunctional integrated production line. The technologies of Xinda copper plate press reach the Japanese standard of similar products and its combined copper plate press with electronic shaft drive is leading in China and exported to Taiwan, Thailand and Canada . The high-speed shaft-less combined copper plate press ranks among national key new products in 2007 and have obtained the honorary titles of “First product in the key field of equipment manufacturing industry in Zhejiang Province”, “Gold Prize in Industrial Design Contest in Zhejiang Province” and the “Best Independent Innovative Industrial New Products in Ningbo” in 2009.

We will proceed to dedicate to the design and manufacture of equipment with high quality, high efficiency and low operating cost for all the printing and packing product manufacturer and pursuit strong technical support and considerate after-sale service for customers.

In the severely competitive printing machine market, Ningbo Xinda Printing Machine Co., Ltd. rises rapidly and ranks third for its production technology and research and development ability in China within only three years after its establishment. Its high-grade combined gravure press has reached the same quality as the similar products from Japan, while its shaft less drive combined gravure press is leading in China and listed among “Ningbo Top 10 Scientific and Technological Progresses”. At present, Xinda’s gravure presses are favored by many customers for high technology content and great cost efficiency.

Ningbo Lebang Electrical Co., Ltd

Lebang Electrical Co., Ltd. specializes in research and development, manufacturing and marketing of electrical drive products and industrial controllers including variable frequency drives, automatic control and high efficiency and energy saving products etc. We have a senior technical expert team. We follow the current trend of international technology and introduce the LB series of frequency converters for universal and exclusive use, energy feedback and integrated solution products, which are widely applied in numerical control machine, blower, water pump, printing machines,  plastic, compressor and elevator industries.

Xinda Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.

Xinda Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. was registered and established in February 2009, and we will make efforts to develop new energy industry, aiming to push energy saving and emission reduction and develop low-carbon economy.

Through cooperation with Zhejiang University and other universities and research institutions, we are currently making great efforts to research, develop and manufacture MW direct-driven wind turbine generator unit and has a team of electronics, electrical, IT, automatic control and mechanical experts.

By observing the operation philosophy of Technical Innovations and Serving the Society, Xinda Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. will work hard to become a new outstanding company in large high-end equipment industry and new energy industry.