Benefits of our Rotary Screw Air compressor

A SPECIALIZED MANUFACTURER and AUGUST Benefits of  Rotary Screw Air compressor


Benefit 1: Manufactured on first-class equipments and in modern workshops.

The company is using first-class equipment imported from German, Japan, and America to ensure the high quality. Such as high-precision grinding of Klingelberg screw grinding machine, gear measuring center, superior 3-D testing equipment, rotor CNC precision  processing center.


august factory WORKSHOP



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Core technology imported from Germany, USA, Japan and Finland

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rotor measuring












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At present, the company is specialized in manufacturing stationary air cooled, water cooled screw compressor and VSD (variable speed drive).


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The factory is ISO 9001  ISO 14001 certified  .  The entire compressor line is CE approved.

The Oil Air Separator can be ASME approved upon request.

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ce conformity letter august compressors


ce conformity letter august compressors
ce conformity letter august compressors

Benefit 2: Research and Development

The company has a professional R&D team specialized in researching high efficient   compressed air systems.  They maintain a process of constant improvement and adjustment to customer needs.

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Benefit 3: In-house core technology to develop the compressor

The Air end is a compressor’s heart of the compressor.

air end
air end

All rotary screw air ends are designed to ensure maximum energy-efficiency and feature an energy-saving rotor profile.

The rotor adopts the third generation optimized profile. The advantages are as follows:

1 The gear ratio is 5:6 in order to get the best tooth engagement, the largest area utilization factor, shorter connection, smaller leak area, lower power consumption and therefore higher efficiency.

2 The tooth surface is processed on high-precision grinding machines.screw rotor

3 The rotor material is high-quality heat processed carbon steel to ensure hardness and reliability.

4 Designed as large air end at low speed

A large air end at low speed is more efficient than a smaller air end at high speed. Low noise, the service life of bearing and lubricating oil are longer


Benefit 4: Quality Parts Built In

screw rotor

1 Application specific motor

All compressor models use an application specific motor with precision rated speed and energy saving design.


2 High efficient filtration and separation system

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Air filter of 1ym precision supplyAUGUST_Screw_Air_Comressor_benefits_design (17) the double air filter element for use in even highly  polluted

An Oil filter of 10 ym precision with large capacity, guarantees the safe long time operation of the machine.working environment. Air filter maintenance indication outside air filter can be used to see the maintenance cycle when the filter has to be changed.


The Oil-air separator makes sure that the oil content of the outlet air is reduced to less than 3PPM.

3 Excellent cooling systems

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The heat exchanger and oil radiator are attached to the after cooler for achieving a compact structure and high efficient heat transfer.

Quality material and strictly controlled manufacturing techniques ensure that the cooler resist to high pressure and corrosion.

The optimized air flow design enables the air in the cabinet to flow from cold to h
ot in a physically scientific manner, which efficiently decreases the temperature in the cabinet. The cooling air inlet is at the side panel of the machine body while the hot air is exhausted from the top of the machine.

The fan is optimized in design according to this special condition using a full-closed bearing. The insulation is up to “F” class .the temperature capacity is 150 ℃ (normal is B class, 120℃).

The Circular arcs. Vane is designed to ensure high efficiency and reduce the noise level in operation.

As a result of the optimized design, the low operation temperature and air outlet temperature of the compressor also prevents the oil circulation system inside from sweating.

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4 KTR connection and FREUDENBERG shock absorbing

To lower the noise level and reduce vibrations, shockabsorber and coupling elements are used.

5 Inlet valve and Minimum pressure valveAUGUST_Screw_Air_Comressor_benefits_design (24)AUGUST_Screw_Air_Comressor_benefits_design (23)

Our inlet valve and Minimum pressure valve are HOERBIGER brand made in Germany.

6 Temperature valve

The brand of temperature valve is HOERBIGER.

The temperature valve is used to return the oil immediately at the compressor start up which can protect the machine operate in low temperature. At present, many manufacturers take away this valve. Then the lubricating oil enters into the cooler directly.

8 Grouping

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Networking Grouping


We reserve the right of improvements and technical changes if and when required, without prior notice.

The group control is designed to link different “AUGUST” brand screw air compressor models to an interactive group, as long as all August models used in group are designed for the same air pressure. By building the group, time-outs during maintenance and machine failure can be bridged by automatically switching the air production to the remaining compressors in the group. This will normally to ensure that your production process will be unaffected by machine failure. Also, by intelligently balancing the work load between screw air compressors with different capacities, it is possible to significantly save energy. The following list is showing you the possibilities a group control system is offering. The system is standard in all “AUGUST” screw compressor models and controlled by high quality micro processors. Running your air supply at the right pressure can save a remarkable amount of energy. Just 1 bar decrease of excessive air pressure can save 5 to 6% of energy consumption. You can always add an additional AUGUST brand screw air compressor to your existing AUGUST brand line. For details please consult our engineering team.

AUGUST_Screw_Air_Comressor_benefits_design (26) FUNCTION OF CONTROLLERPLC CONTROLLER  key functions

• 2 languages text / number display

• Quick and simple operation with clear icons and large display

• Timer with four settings per day and week

• Counter for service, load and operation hours

• Adjustable service intervals, pressure and temperature

•Base-load change-over for additional compressors and continuous running control modes

• Input for remote signal ON/OFF

• Input for load/idle Signal

• Controller motor running Compressor ON, remote operation, idle, on-load, clock active, timer, emergency off

• Group alarm

• Integrated interface RS 485 for slave compressor,

• Safety circuit for compressor protection

• Electronic pressure transducer

• Air-end temperature and direction of rotor rotation controller

• Fully automatic DUAL control (full load/ idle/ on/off control)

Optional functions

• Unit selection (bar/ psi/ MPa,’C/T) (Optional)

• External alarm e.g. for refrigeration dryer (Optional)

• External maintenance alarm for filter system or other additional equipment (Optional)

This list only to highlightsome of the PLC Controller’s functionality, which is described in the detailed instruction manual handed over with the machine.

B. For VSD type

  • Special Features
  • VSD compressor over 55kw have the inverter outside the compressor to ensure inverter operation in a low temperature environment
  • VSD compressor has optional function to switch from VSD to standard.
  • All inverters are separated from power supply and motor to enhance safety.

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AIR compressors are a typical example of industrial plant that uses considerable electrical power – up to 10% of all electrical costs to industry, according to some estimates. These power costs are increased by the inefficiencies introduced as traditional compressor control systems respond to fluctuating compressed air demand, common in most compressor installations.

The greater the fluctuation in compressed air demand, the greater the potential energy savings to be gained with the VSD technology.

“Additional advantages of VSD compressors include soft starting and stopping, high power factor and stable operating pressures”. “AUGUST brand VSD compressors are available as oil lubricated variants, with free air deliveries from 6.7 to 23.5 cbm/min at various output pressures.”

This is enabling the Network building for an even more efficient use of the AUGUST brand compressor, by combing a regular drive AUGUST screw air compressor with the AUGUST S-T series AUGUST VSD compressor. As a result of the networking you get the fully automatic function , that the AUGUST S-T VSD compressor is “only filling up” the current demand of the air, while the standard AUGUST screw air compressor is doing the base load of the air tank whenever required by the work load. This is the most efficient way of use of VSD.

AUGUST_Screw_Air_Comressor_benefits_design (28)The AUGUST S-T (variable frequency) Variable Speed Drive VSD Series is designed as a total concept, rather than by adding a frequency converter to an existing machine, it is tightly integrated and mechanically tested and has low vibration at high performance.

Main benefits are a highly stable air net pressure, low starting currents, a total absence of peaks and a high power utilization factor.

By varying the speed of the drive motor, the AUGUST S-T (variable frequency) Variable Speed Drive VSD Series compressor output closely follows the air demand by covering a wide range, without load-unload switching. The result is a constant pressure, without fluctuations, which greatly benefits to your overall process stability.

Furthermore, a great energy saving between 20% and 35% is achieved during partial load. The reduction in energy cost over a typical life cycle might even surpass the initial investment cost of the screw air compressor. In other words, the savings realized by VSD can pay for the entire machine.

The AUGUST S-T (variable frequency) Variable Speed Drive VSD Series comes in a ready-to-use package with many included standard features. The highly silencing canopy reduces the noise level to a mere 69-77db (A).

The compressor is delivered with an IP54 water and dust protected motor. (IP55 available upon request) The unit and the integrated frequency converter are controlled by microprocessor control and a monitoring system.

VSD provides a soft start similar to a Y-A transformation or electronic starter. This is extending the all over lifetime of the compressor unit and reducing costs for maintenance. Also the “down-time” can be reduced significantly and -no or low

Vibration-can extend the product life cycle too.

In the low speed period, the AUGUST VSD compressor is convincing by a comfortable noise level but will still only be between 69-77db (A) (depending on model) at full load, which will have a positive influence on the working environment and might even increase the productivity of nearby workstations.

Further advantage of the VSD AUGUST S-T series is the application in countries with 50HZ as well as 60HZ electric frequency. A selected variation of voltages can also be supplied upon your request. All models of the series comply with the CE certification and when required have the ASME approved oil-air separator.

Energy efficiency

Independent studies have shown that energy can mount up to over 70% of a compressor’s lifecycle costs. In some cases the generating of compressed air can account for more than 40% of a plant’s total electricity bill. Most production environments have a fluctuating air demand depending on the time of day, week, or even months of the year from 35 to 78%.

AUGUST_Screw_Air_Comressor_benefits_design (30)
Standard Compressor v/s VSD Compressor in life cycle costs
  1. Energy Consumption
  2. Investment
  3. Maintenance
  4. Average 36% Energy Savings

Because there is almost no unnecessary air generated, the VSD can reduce energy costs by 36% or more. Cost reductions can average 22% over the entire lifecycle of the compressor. In general, the extra cost of a VSD compressor compared to a fixed speed one is earned back after just about two to three years.

AUGUST VSD reduces energy costs by

  • *Avoiding electricity surges by increasing flexibility with soft starting gradual motor up.
  • Avoiding operation at no load power compared with conventional compressors at light load. Eliminating the inefficient
  • Transition period from full to no load power.
  • Maintaining the net pressure band to within 0.10 bar, 0.01 Mpa
  • Reducing overall average working pressure.
  • Minimizing system leakage due to a lower system pressure.
  • Preventing components from early aging cause by prolonged full load operation currents, a total absence of peaks and a
  • High power factor.


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“AUGUST” is offering an especially economic compressed air system for your fast application into your production. It consists of a rotary screw air compressor, optional refrigeration dryer and filtration stations. The advantages are low investment and operating costs with highest possible operational reliability available in a One-Stop- Solution.


The atmospheric air is a mixture of gases that always contains water vapor which is drawn into a Screw Air Compressor. Mostly dependent on temperature the amount of water vapor that air can carry varies. During compression the air temperature rises, the air’s capability to hold moisture increases also. The capacity to hold moisture reduces when the air is cooled, causing the water vapor to condense. Downstream from the compressor this condensate is then removed in the centrifugal separator, or the air receiver. Even then, the air can still be completely saturated with water vapor. Significant amounts of condensate can accumulate in the air distribution piping and at take-off points, as the air cools further. Without additional air drying, system failure, production downtime and costly service and re pair work are therefore unavoidable. “AUGUST” is able to offer you system solution with the suitable and approved drying station for your screw air compressor.

• Filtration

About 180 million particles of dirt, hydrocarbons, viruses and bacteria with every cubic meter of atmospheric air are sucked up into a compressor. The larger dirt particles are removed by compressor itself but the majority of the contaminants remain in the compressed air. Resulting in the fact that for most applications, careful treatment of the air is necessary: maximized air-tool service life cycle by clean, quality compressed air ensures that control systems and pneumatic machinery operate at their best performance and keeps pipes & valves free from contaminants. It therefore not only reduces service, maintenance and repair costs, but can also recover initial investment costs in short time.

Some Example of the use of AUGUST Screw Compressor:

1. Mengniu milk group (food processing)

Mengniu group is one of the largest milk manufacturers in China. Since 2003, the company supplies air compressors to the Mengniu Corporation in all their facilities. At present, The Company became the biggest supplier for Mengniu. The experience certified that AUGUST screw compressor is efficient, energy saving and reliable,

AUGUST_Screw_Air_Comressor_benefits_design (33)AUGUST_Screw_Air_Comressor_benefits_design (32)

2. Environmental friendly electrical bus (mobile use)

AUGUST_Screw_Air_Comressor_benefits_design (34)AUGUST_Screw_Air_Comressor_benefits_design (35)

Since 2006, in order to protect the environment, the company supplies compressed air system for use in electrical buses. After testing one year under harsh conditions, the good performance is praised by the Electrical Bus Company in Shanghai.







3 Hangzhou Bay Cross-Sea Bridge Construction Work  (construction work)

Hangzhou BayCross-Sea Bridge (36Km) was built over a period of 5 years. AUGUST compressor were used to supply sufficient air power for this project. Also here severe weather, humidity and environmental conditions had to been mastered well.



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4 Cement Factory  (heavy industry)

On the extreme conditions and dusty working environment, our compressor meets the production requirement. Compared with other compressors, AUGUST compressor quality has proven to be the most reliable machine and ROI.

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