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  August Catalog
» 31.9 MiB - 1,211 hits - July 3, 2013
For Distributors

  AUGUST Heat Recovery System
» unknown - 972 hits - December 18, 2013
Environmental friendly and energy savings device suitable for AUGUST compressors and similar designed brands. Please specify in your later request which type of compressor you are using.

  Catalog for Screw Compressor, Dryer, Filter 2014
» unknown - 1,106 hits - December 18, 2013
This is the revised and update version of the 2014 catalog for Screw Air Compressor, dryer and in-line filter. CE approved and quality tested.

  Dry Oil Free Screw Air Compressor
» 2.9 MiB - 808 hits - January 29, 2015
A detailed catalog about the Dry Oil Free Compressor line of compressor in stainless steel and with ultra coated air-end made in Germany.

  MP Permanent Magnet powered VSD Screw Air Compressor Catalog
» 3.1 MiB - 928 hits - January 29, 2015
A detailed catalog about the MP Series Permanent Magnet line of Screw Air Compressor Made by AUGUST compressor with German Technology. Extremely silent performance , longer lifetime and highest possible energy saving. Approx 50% compared to standard compressor. Most competitive in pricing too.

  Portable DIESEL and Electric powered Twin Screw Air Compressor
» 4.4 MiB - 576 hits - January 29, 2015
A detailed catalog about the Portable DIESEL and Electric powered Twin Screw Air Compressor line of compressor made with German Technology. Free to download

  VSD Catalog
» 3.5 MiB - 1,886 hits - May 23, 2013
Catalog of AUGUST Screw Air Compressor "Variable Speed Drive Screw Compressor"

  VSD Catalog -2
» 2.1 MiB - 1,408 hits - May 23, 2013
Catalog information about AUGUST VSD screw air compressor. The AUGUST S-T (variable frequency) Variable Speed Drive VSD Series is designed as a total concept, rather than by adding a frequency converter to an existing machine, it is tightly integrated and mechanically tested and has low vibration at high performance.

  VSD Catalog 1
» 3 bytes - 1,170 hits - May 23, 2013
details about AUGUST VSD machines

  VSD Catalog 3
» 160.9 KiB - 2,101 hits - May 23, 2013
Variable Speed Air Compressor part 3: VSD provides a soft start similar to a Y- transformation or electronic starter. This is extending the all over life time of the compressor unit and reducing costs for maintenance. Also the down-time can be reduced significantly and no or low vibration can extend the product life cycle too.

  VSD Catalog 4
» 110 bytes - 1,922 hits - May 23, 2013
additional information abot AUGSUT VSD



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