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  Compressor Catalog COMPLETE LINES
» 2.7 MiB - 2,967 hits - May 24, 2013
Ningbo Xinda Group AUGUST is offering an especially economic compressed air sys tem for your fast applicat ion into your production. It consists of a rotary screw air compressor, an optional refrigeration dryer and filtration stations. The advantages are low investment and

  Core Technology
» 3.8 MiB - 1,343 hits - May 24, 2012
ENERGY-SAVING COMPRESSOR AIR END WITH AUGUST HIGH TECH ROTORS The NINGBO XINDA GROUP AUGUST Helix PROFILE Independently researched and developed by NINGBO XINDA GROUP AUGUST and continually enhanced ever since, the NINGBO XINDA GROUP AUGUST Helix PROFILE brings significant power savings compared with conventional screw air end rotor profiles. All NINGBO XINDA GROUP AUGUST rotary screw air ends are designed to ensure maximum energy-efficiency and feature this energy-saving rotor profile.

  Product Structure
» 956.9 KiB - 1,456 hits - May 24, 2012
SOUNDPROOF ENCLOSURE AIR EXHAUST ON TOP The optimized structure of the soundproof enclosure cabinet attached inside with material of high efficient sound absorbing and fire retardant function which reduces the noise to the lowest level. Ergonomic design is convenient for the operation and maintenance of the machines. read more.....

  Screw Air Compressor Main Products 2014
» 10.7 MiB - 2,437 hits - May 23, 2013
Find a selected range of our main products in the Screw Air Compressor series. For VSD-Inverter machines or special sizez_ please contact us directly

  Structure Of August Srew Air Compressor
» 3.6 MiB - 1,224 hits - May 24, 2013
Due to its storage and buffer capacity, the air receiver plays a key role within a compressed air installation: It provides capacity during periods of peak demand and is often used to separate condensate from the compressed air. Therefore, it is important for the receiver to be correctly sized for the specific system, to be resistant against corrosion and to have long inspection intervals. Air receivers from NINGBO XINDA GROUP AUGUST meet all of these requirements. Due to the large variety of governmental requirements for safety standards of compressed gases container, please consult with our experts and your local safety experts to find the best solution for your location



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