AUGUST in The Media

The presentation and good visitor response attracted the intention of the inhouse media which visited the booth during the exhibition. They took an interview with the chief engineer of the compressor division and the Vice GM of the export department. Here please find a photoshoot ot the magazine

Ningbo Xinda screw compressor Co., Ltd.

In this exhibition, Ningbo Xinda Group showcases its AUGUST brand series screw air compressors. The company now has 5 series of products. Including MG series, SF wind-cooling series, SW water-cooling series, SF(W)-T VSD frequency-changing series and SF-Y portable compressor series. In addition ,Ningbo Xinda owns the most powerful core technology of screw compressor in China .

Eckhard Goessl ,vice General manager (Export division) of the company said that AUGUST Compressors has a strong R&D team that they have been developing perfect and efficient solutions for compressed air systems, dryer and heat recovery system implementations, as well as d optimizing the product performance and manufacturing process technology. AUGUST products are mainly used in mining, factories of all kind, food industry, chemical and shipbuilding industries. Moreover ,the company is one of the few “pure “ air compressor manufactures in China and completely uses its in-house technology for compressor manufacturing. AUGUST compressors products are exported to Europe ,Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other regions

About the company’s strategies and plans for future development ,Eckhard Goessl said that AUGUST compressors will keep enhancing their product quality. Meanwhile, the company will keep strengthening their own advantage so as to develop more high-end products. AUGUST products strictly follow German standards and international standards, such as ISO 9001,ISO 14001,ISO 1217,GB/T3853 and JB/T6430. The company is said to be achieving its sustainable development .

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