Fundamentals of Diesel Portable Air Compressor

Portable air compressors are the workhorse of construction sites because they can simply supply compressed air to power all kinds of heavy tools. This type of compressor comes in all kinds and sizes and is driven by a diesel engine with varied sizes depending on the required amount of air flow and air pressure. Portable motors can normally deliver up to 12 bars, with the amount of air produced per minute varying among types.
A portable air compressor has to be robust, reliable and strong as they are used very often on dirty environments. That is why it is recommended that quality air filters must be used. Being built as portable, these machines need to withstand all kinds of weather conditions, from extreme cold to high altitude aside from functioning in a very dusty or wet environment.

Why Use Portable Diesel Air Compressor
A portable air compressor is simply used to supply compressed air on construction sites, road works, and in any equipment-driven labor. It is more practical to use than its stationary counterparts because it is movable. It can also be used as a backup compressor in factories in case of a breakdown of their stationary machines. Diesel is the most commonly used fuel for these compressors as it is more economical than gasoline and electricity, especially with the use of today’s environment-friendly biodiesel.

The Compressor
In most cases, the compressor is a rotary screw type that can be oiled or oil-free, although the oil-free types are rather expensive and only used for special applications. Portable compressors with single-stage rotary screw account about 90% of oil-injected compressors. There are some minor differences though, especially in the control system.

The Diesel Engine
Portable air compressors are mostly driven by diesel engines, which are built to run for hours or even weeks whenever the need arises. The engine is either coupled directly to the compressor element or connected with a belt and pulleys just like the ones on vehicles. It is also equipped with a starter to start up, which is also run by a battery.

The Operating System
The engine has safety devices for low oil pressure on any oil level and its temperature. The speed is being controlled by the control system of the compressor, which most of the time runs fairly simply compared to stationary compressors. Nowadays, portable compressors already have digital control panels with hi-tech microcontrollers and countless of options and settings.

The size of portable diesel compressor you need depends on the air tools you use. There is a need to determine the amount of air and its pressure. Though the air flow greatly varies, it is normal that most tools that use compressed air in construction generally require more or less seven bars. The best air compressors are those that are backed by the highest levels of support. After all, it still relies on the usability aspect especially for outdoor works. Its portability would mean nothing if it just stays on one corner.

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