Imagine A World Without Stationary Screw Air Compressor

Since their inception, stationary screw air compressors have been in the forefront of mechanical value and come in a very wide variety of sizes and types.  Over the course of time, builders and engineers have developed tools that can save time and money for the user on any given project.

Most compression air tools are typically powerful and lighter than their standard counterparts.  This power equipment is virtually being used by every sector of the industry, from automobiles to aircraft, textiles and farming.

While there are different types of compressors, almost all of them perform the same function, which is to put pressure and reduce the volume of gas.  Stationary screw air compressors are categorized as positive displacement compressors. Its work typically goes from filling a chamber with air to reducing its volume. Reciprocating, rotary screw, and rotary vane types of compressors are among the widely-used machines for such function.


Features and Accessories of Stationary Screw Air Compressor

Stationary compressors are made of high quality Baosteel-rolled plates, which are coated with a high temperature of 250℃ bake finish.  Some compressors of this s kind are designed with modular steel panel for the purpose of easy dismounting when there is a need for maintenance.  They also feature an inlet and outlet that serve as air passages to ensure good heat dissipation and reduce noise.


LCD Intelligent Control System

This feature serves as the control system that can accurately display the working status of the stationary screw air compressor. It can even display the cause of fault when the compressor gets out of order.  Recent upgrades include a lead time switch and remote control for easy handling and convenience.


Sound-proofing System

This system’s components are made of high-density and environmentally friendly materials. These materials are essentially used for damping and are needed to pass the international acceptable noise standard.


Intake Valve

This valve is installed at the inlet of the air compressor to control the displacement.  The control signal controls the opening and closing of the intake valve to meet the required air during operation.  To avoid the backflow of air, it keeps the intake valve closed when the stationery screw air compressor is shut down.


Oil Separation System

This process is integrated to take advantage of the vertical and horizontal oil separators when the air-oil mixture is separated through a highly efficient built-in separator.  This would ensure that the outlet air with oil content will be less than three parts per million by mass (ppmm).


Oil filter

A stationary screw air compressor must be equipped with oil filters that have a large area for filtering and high-grade fineness. This is to ensure impurities and residues are effectively removed and prevent the machine parts from wearing.  To guarantee a longer compression time, lubricants are injected circularly into the bearing and rotor, thus filtering and cleaning them.



Stationary screw air compressors have been around for so many years and have as many essential uses as there are tools using air.  What makes air a popular resource is that it is safe, clean, flexible and convenient. This evolution turns materials into great reliable pieces of machinery and equipment, which are crucial in most of the services they are being applied on.

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