Inner Workings of a Variable Screw Air Compressor

The Variable Screw Air Compressor has been developed with updated details drawn from intensive research and technology to meet the requirements in variable air compression.  Market analysts have studies that show that on average, compressors can only have a utilization rate of around 50 to 70%, with delivery volume maximized only during peak times.

A variable speed air compressor is fully equipped with a specialized drive that can control and adjust the operating speed. This system offers a number of benefits, which include constant pressure delivery, protection against power surges and lesser energy consumption. It has been reported that many owners of variable speed air compressor experience a significant drop in their energy costs over the course of time.



Air compressors for variable speed being used can be in a highly efficient, low demand mode.  This is very significant because it performs the key function of preventing rapid circling especially during alternating periods of low compressed air.  This low demand mode allows the pressure to rise above a preset point prior to stopping the unit as demand falls below downturn capacity.

In addition, to ensure the compressor will not operate without load, this feature also prevents the pressure from dropping below the acceptable level.  As for multiple compressors or those in network, this particular mode does allow the pressure to rise to a level at which added pressures will shut down automatically during times of low demand.

It also came to a fact that competitors have attempted to achieve variable speeds with the use of an inverter rigged to a compressor drive-train of a conventional motor, particularly on induction type. However, they ended up using the same power, thus producing less air of up to 10 to 15%.

May it be in a single or in a two-stage configuration, the compressors produce more air across a wider operating range without any increase in power consumption.  On a lighter side, this variable screw air compressor provides stability even on high pressures from a compressor.

This compressor is an air end, direct-drive type, which allows for a lower cost, reliable operation and easy maintenance.  You can also enjoy real-time performance monitoring with its interesting feature of colored graphical analysis and touch screen control.


3 Basic Drives for Air Compressors

V-belt drives will allow a smaller footprint for an enclosure, on which alignment is not critical and maintenance is easy.

Direct drives have built-in alignment without the need for a belt and gear maintenance.  The machine is able to run quietly even though it has a larger footprint.

The gear-driven type allows you to eliminate problems with alignment, which are normally used for greater horsepower.



This is why engineers developed a technology that can benefit partial load applications to the point where they are exactly needed.  This variable screw air compressor concept has been integrated to achieve maximum cost-effectiveness with a target of up to 35% savings on energy.  These energy savings can be achieved through speed control, efficient system, no-start-up changeover power peaks, and no idle times.

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