Looking Back At a Successful Week on Canton Fair

Canton Fair 116th Session Autumn 2014 August Screw Air Compressor

We are looking back a successful week spent in Guangzhou and on the 116th session of the  International Autumn  2014. While many external influences did affect the  in more or less serious way, we had fruitful meetings with old and new clients, discussing and fine tuning the running projects and deliveries to the different regions and countries.

This year there was a great response from Latin american countries thus reflecting our positive acceptance of AUGUST Screw Air Compressors in the region after introduction to these markets last year.

Also great interest was shown into the newly presented permanent magnet VSD screw Air compressor with an energy savings factor of about 45% compared to a regular compressor. Even this technology is advanced and essential for several high-end markets the price of it , is surprisingly low for many customers. Thus even showing more interest in it.

Please find some pictures from the event in the below slide show.


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