Rising Trend of China’s Air Compressor Manufacturing Potential

Manufacturers in China have developed an air compressor that can serve as air separation units and has been successfully tested at a test base.  This type of compressor was technically developed by a team of high-caliber engineers and has been commissioned as becoming one of the leading air compressors of its kind in China.

Until now, makers of large-scale separation units in China need to rely on air compressors manufactured from overseas. However, they have also been genuinely putting substantial efforts and resources for the development of a new compressor.  This includes more than RMB 700m for the test base and over, and RMB 100m and RMB 40m in R&D in the trial stages of the manufacturing process.

With this testing, more than RMB 20m in the steam and electricity of over RMB 30m are the necessary testing metrics to achieve maximum quality.  The total project investment is somewhere in the vicinity of RMB 60bn and requires more or less 12 sets of ASUs and a dozen sets of air compressors.


Future Potential

Chinese industrialists understand that for the last couple of years, the number of air compression projects is still pending to be approved by the government and will require 800 sets of air compressors. It is highly regarded that successful development of the recent compression project has substantially boosted these Chinese makers’ ability and confidence in conducting major new research for more projects in the future, not only in China but for the whole world.

The plan is to use this newly developed set of compressors for mining, road construction, drilling and municipal works.   As for these conceptualized compressors, their appearance is based on a design patented accordingly to a high standard.  The group also made use of some high quality key components acquired overseas, thus allowing them to maximize their full potential without compromising quality.


Characteristics and Highlights

These China-made air compressors are built to be durable and consist of fewer key components to ensure no parts get easily worn out.  They only require an estimated overhaul interval of up to 4 to 8 million hours of use.

The compressor is very easy to operate and maintain. Its operation is simply automated, thus requiring only minimal extended hours of training for the operator.  The unit can run extensively for extended hours without requiring attention.

The compressor can operate smoothly at a balanced or high speed, as well as operate on any terrains or surfaces.  It is also more suitable to be used as a portable compressor than many of its counterparts due to its smaller size and lighter weight.

With its forced-gas-transmission feature, the output of air rate is not affected by the external atmospheric changes in pressure.  It is capable of consistently maintaining efficiency through a wide variety of rotational speed changes.



The China-made air compressor adopts a control system typically interfaced in China.  It is a newly developed type of air compressor, though it has undergone a series of tests to prove its reliability and durability in withstanding any weather conditions.  It may take years to penetrate the international market, but based on some reviews from even non-Chinese buyers, it is worth trying out.  It is aiming for the world and not just its home country.

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