Summer In The City

Before Summer Holiday Order Season

Our factory is running near full load and we need to keep production capacities reserved for you.
Therefore please book your orders for the June and July deliveries right now.

Could you please provide the below details that I can give the exact quotation to you?

1. Power:
(    ) KW. (Normal 5.5~250kw see our catalogue for details please )
2. Work pressure:
(    )bar. (available 7/ 8/ 10/ 13 bar )
3. Air delivery:
(     )m3/min. (Normal 0.5~45m3 our range).
4. Power Supply:
(   )V / (  )Hz please state power in your location 3 phase.
If different requirements as well for dryers and filters please contact me directly at below email address or via our ALIBABA Contact page.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

AUGUST Compressors
Export Department
Mr William Li


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