The Essence of Economical Stationary Screw Air Compressor

In many installations for air compressionusing the economical stationary screw air compressor often signifies possibilities in saving energy by lowering pressure, recovery and leakage prevention. It also optimizes operations though a controlled and regulated system.

As production changes overtime, it is beneficial for all concerned to look into the future as far as possible and assess in advance the effects and demands that may arise in the investment of these machineries, as they can save time and money.  It is very important that the compressed air supply would be based on the actual requirement to make compression economically feasible.

It has been shown over time and based on experience that their results do improve the overall economy.  It is the product of intensive analysis and studies.  Regulation systems have been overshadowing the selection for types of compressors that in a typical situation, compressors have to be fully capable of adapting exactly to balance the consumption of energy.


The Big Difference

The concept of economical stationary screw air compressor is the addition of mechanisms to regulate and co-control the compressors’ operating economy.  The popular method is speed regulation because the power required is proportioned to the speed.  If there is a need for a small amount of compressed air during nights and weekends, it can be economical to install a small compressor to adapt to this requirement.

This economical method of air compression allows the need for another working pressure, whether the production takes place at the center of the compressor or divided for different levels of pressure.  Sectioning the compressed air network is also one of the sub-methods used in order to shut down certain sections during nighttime and weekends based on the flow of measurement.


Saving Opportunities

It is highly recommended to keep calculations accurate in determining the overall power requirements. Economical air compressions would essentially be a means of equal power compensation to prevent a machine from operating in an impaired condition.   This would require installing a small pipe to serve as filters for dropping pressures to at least 6%. That would mean saving a few percent, which may look too low.  However, considering the total efficiency of the installation, the compression is increased to a degree more evident of a reduced pressure.


Air Consumption

It is helpful to analyze routines in using compressed air as it will result to having solutions that can equally distribute load for compressing air. If there’s a need to increase air production, the pressure should be kept at low level to allow the reduction on operating costs.  Using valves to separate an air system into certain sections can also be taken into consideration as it is an ideal method to reduce consumption during nighttime and on weekends.



With the use of the modern master control system, the compressor can be operated in varied situations as safely as possible.  This central control provides efficient programming for auto reduction of pressure in the entire system.

Economical screw air compression is well suited for designs that can practically control speed because their power capacity is proportioned to the speed.  Therefore, it is recommended to apply the right method in regulating the energy consumption, particularly in lowering the pressure degree for each installation.

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