Wonders of Permanent Magnet VSD Compressors

When it comes to quality, energy saving, and highly efficient compressors, the permanent magnet synchronizing variable frequency is the most recent upgrade of any kind.  This type is the most advanced technique and is applied only by a few countries and regions in the world.  It is very well-regarded as a high-end propensity in the future of compressor development.

The permanent magnet synchronizing variable frequency has an excellent quality of air end and is equipped with molded lines advanced enough to ensure specific minimum power. This compressor is required to undergo strength analysis to thoroughly test the stability and reliability of each part and ensure it has low noise, long life and no faults.

This permanent magnet synchronous variable air compressor always runs in the loaded state, without having to uninstall run and without any power wastage.   This compressor type has a very high efficiency rating, with at least a 2% differential compared to any ordinary motors’. This high efficiency rating is coupled by a power consumption that can really save you some bucks.  It is also equipped with a special frequency converter with rapid techniques and wider frequency range.

This type of permanent compressor is well suited for a piston-type air compressor, making it very quiet and controlled.  This permanent magnet series requires very low maintenance, works with maximum efficiency, and is a very user-friendly tool.


Benefits Included

One of the advantages of a permanent magnet air compressor is its high-efficiency air end.  With its special, dual housing oil-cooled motor, the air end lubricant cools the motor in a design that incorporates two housings into one.  This allows for more space to seat an oil channel between the inner & outer housings.

An asymmetric rotor allows for a much broader sealing band between rotors, which is in contrast to the conventional style.  Because of that feature, the compressor can increase efficiency by as much as 5 to 10%.  Its triple-lip shaft seal combines with an oil recovery system, ensuring that the machine is leak-free and immune to dust, ingress of oil, and air loss.

It is a uniquely designed compressor with an efficiency rating that’s even higher than the industry benchmark of IE3.  It offers an amazing bearing-free system and does grease maintenance in a compact and quiet operation, with minimal vibration.

This PM motor is enhanced by Vector control technology, which uses feedback from the motor.  It allows you to calculate the exact and required frequency, thus ensuring maximum torque for a very wide range of speeds.

With its very rigid steel piping, the compressor is absolutely leak-proof.  It has a high-flow design, which can prevent oil pressure losses and eliminate the risk of oil rupture through the normal aging of traditional, flexible hoses.



These so called VSD permanent magnet motors are more energy efficient than its conventional asynchronous induction counterparts.  An engineer or machine operator in a factory or in some manufacturing facility would always prefer this type of motor due to its reliability and maximum performance.  It is always worth noting that industries of the modern world are fairly competitive because of technologies by which compressors such as this were built.  Of course, there are also the convenience, durability and safety benefits that it brings to the table.

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