SCY132 Portable Screw Air Compressor 132Kw

Main Parts

1 Engine: high-efficiency and energy saving, stable and reliable, durable and with adequate reserve power; world-renowned CUMMINS engines enjoy worldwide after-sales service system

2 The principal machine adopts twin-screw rotor and is directly connected with diesel engine by highly flexible coupling. Computer simulates the analysis of torsional vibration,  which enables it to output more air with less energy consumption, providing high reliability, longer service life and low maintenance cost
3 Air-oil separator filter is by German company, ensuring largest filtering area with the same size.

Cooling System
1 High-performance fin type structure is designed with high-temperature resistance ability, which can run for long time under extreme cold or hot temperature from-05 C to approx 50 C .

Mobile System
Height-adjustable goose neck design is equipped with outrigger whose height can be also easily adjusted which is applicable to field works under various conditions .
Vibration isolators are fitted between the engine, compressor and base frame, which can effectively reduce vibration and ensure stable running

All the movable parts are effectively fixed for further reducing vibration
Energy-saving & Environmental-friendly Design


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Product Description

portable scy1322

SCY132  Twin Screw AUGUST original

Model New SCY132A SCY132B SCY132C SCY132D SCY132F
Serial No Y7160000 Y7160001 Y7160002 Y7160003 Y7160005
Free air Delivery(m3/min) 21.4 18.4 14.8 20.3 14.8
Male rotor speed(r/min) 2350 2106 1769 2249 1769
Suction pressure MPa 0.1(standard)
The air compressor Installation environment temperature(℃) -5~+40
Discharge Pressure MPa 0.7 1 1.3 0.8 1.4
Bar 7 10 13 8 14
The exhaust temperature of a compressor(℃) <110
cooling-down method Wind cooling
Model of diesel engine 6CTA8.3-C215  160KW  2200rpm Cummings
Compressor air supply pipe size R1-1/2”+ R2-1/2”
WEIGHT 3600 kg
DIMENSIONS 4500 x 1700 x 2500 mm

Direct coupling driving, No Belt.

Electronic controlling system


Additional Information

Weight 3600 kg
Dimensions 4500 x 2500 x 1700 mm

More Details

1 Through mandatory air transmission, volume flow is not affected by discharge pressure, which can ensure high efficiency within the wide speed range.

2 Diesel engine accelerator is automatically adjusted in line with the size of air consumption. The working pressure can be set quickly without wasting any diesel.

3 Various series products can be customized in accordance with customer’s requirements of air displacement and discharge pressure.
4 Small size and light weight reduce logistics costs.

Low Noise
AUGUST soundproof structure is adopted. Resistance integrated silencer structure can effectively reduce all noises in middle and high frequency bands, which
ensures quiet running of machine without affecting daily life.

Advanced noise reduction design is integrated into many parts, such as air inlets/outlets and the unit’s doors, which can effectively reduce noise.

Information Security
1 Monitoring system is equipped for monitoring the operational parameters in real time
2 Multiple data display, monitor, warning and shutdown functions

Operational Safety
1The radiator and high-speed rotating parts are equipped with protection cover.

2 Radiator is equipped with low water level protection function, water injection observation window and recovery tank.
3 The machine is equipped with battery isolator switch, which can prevent sudden starting up of the unit during maintenance.

4 Air-oil separator and air filter are equipped with alarm indicators for periodic maintenance.

Personalized Design
1 Easy to operate and maintain: high automatization, operators don’t have to go through long term professional training, and unattended operation can be achieved
2 Control system adopts digital technology with microprocessor as core; control switch and indicating instrument are integrated at the same panel, which can facilitate real-time monitoring of operator.
3 Starting up and fault automatic alarm device
4 Multiple languages are optional.
5 Emergency stop button can offer more convenient operation when the machine in the state of emergency or overhauling
6 One-button start, clear operational parameters, personalized operating system, intelligent control, multiple warning and shutdown protection functions
7 Convenient refueling water device, the fuel tank is equipped with fuel level gauge and electronic fuel level sensor, facilitating monitoring fuel level while fuel-injection and low fuel level warning during the machine is running, which ensures the machine keeps continuous running.
8 Fuel tank with large capacity ensures at least 8 hours or above running of the unit with full load
9 The inlet pipe is equipped with fuel check valve and electronic fuel pump to ensure start and load capacities of the machine, emptying device with a certain height ensures smooth fuel-injection when the unit moves
10 Battery isolator switch, fuel pump, fuel gauge, folder, together with control cabinet are located on the same side to facilitate operation.
11 All external parts of unit and internal parts are socked with signal labels, which can effectively offer safety protection instruction and facilitate operation.

Easy Maintenance
1The machine adopts twin screw rotor, less parts and quick-wear parts, which enable the machine to run stably with long service life; Shell high-quality lubricating oil can be used for a long time

2 Easily-replaced air-oil separator, air filter and optional pre-filtering system can effectively filtrate impurities in the air to protect the engine. So the machine is
suitable for using in harsh and dusty environments, such as mine, outdoor works.

3Gull-wing wide open door structure designed on the basis of ergonomics, together with shutter which can be removed from front and rear, ensure you the best angle
and operational space during maintenance, all the daily maintenance works can be conducted at both sides of the equipment.
4 Integrated drain outlet installed at the chassis of unit is convenient for routine maintenance.

Easy Transportation
6 The chassis is equipped with dragging and pulling functional parts, which are easy to use and meet operational environment requirements of mines, rental market and
other industries.
7 Economical size design of unit can reduce transportation costs•
Important information shown on the screen

1 compressor state: wait-preheat-auto-loading-no loading-loading finished-cooling and shutdown
2 running time
3 engine speed
4 air oil tank pressure
5 discharge pressure
6 engine oil pressure
7 fuel level
8 coolant temperature
9 coolant level
10 air inlet temperature
11 ambient temperature
12 battery voltage


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