SC—0.4/8.5 4 KW

This product is a kind of power machinery, relates to a screw compressor structure with super capacitor is mainly used in electric buses, fast charging electric buses and other new electric city transport facilities, for the vehicle’s braking to provide the necessary facilities and other pneumatic compressed air.

This product uses a highly integrated innovative design concept, the product has a compact, small footprint, less wearing parts, easy installation and maintenance, low exhaust temperature, high operational reliability, small vibration, low noise, energy saving fully meet the needs of electric buses.

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Product Description

August 4 KW screw compressor

Technical details

Type SC—0.4/8.5
FAD(m3/min) 0.4
inhale pressure (绝压)(MPa) 0.1
Discharge pressure (MPa) 0.85(max:1.0)
Male rotor speed (r/min) 2880
Installation environment temperature(℃) -10~+46
Discharge temperature (℃) <110
Cooling Air cooling
Motoe Type Y2A112M-2
Power (kW) 4
Speed (r/min) 2880
power supply 3-AC380V±7%/50Hz
Protection and insulation class IP54、F class
Dimension (mm) 750x352x500
Weight (kg) ~91(including lubricating oil)

Additional Information

Weight 91 kg
Dimensions 741 x 352 x 500 mm


1, the use of highly integrated innovative design, increased compactness, less space and number of parts Compressed air hosts, intake system, storage tanks, oil and gas separation systems into one integrated design to reduce separate oil separation system;
2, the use of direct-drive mode Direct drive relative to the belt drive, with higher transmission efficiency and operational reliability, lower noise, maintenance-free drive system did solve the belt drive all defects
3, high efficiency and high reliability Host rotor using the latest third-generation optimized line, the rotor is made by precision grinding, the product has the advantages of high efficiency, perfect structure of the program components to ensure that the compressor is running high reliability, supporting the use of vehicles to meet requirements.
4, compact structure, light weight Integrated structural design and aluminum motors are used to make the unit weighs only 85kg, dimensions only 741x352x500mm, compared with similar products, the smallest form factor, lightest 。
This product is an electric bus with screw compressor is a twin-screw injection internally cooled , air-cooled structure, such as shown in the product structure , comprising: an oil tank integrated compact host, a pair of internal yin and yang rotor , the rotor and the fixed bearing yin and yang , male rotor driveshaft , with its shaft end seal , the host with the inlet and exhaust ports and internal lubricating oil passage , yin and yang, the rotor has a gas storage tank and the bottom sump , a compact structure , the gas storage tank crude oil can play the role of air separation and storage , storage tank capable of storing lubricating oil required for the system ; host close the intake port and an air filter is concentrated into one device / intake control valve is connected , reducing the space dimension ; host is installed on the exhaust side oil separator seat + back combinations for minimum pressure valve , which is equipped with a spin on oil separator, compressed air from the combination valve on the leads ; host is equipped with an exhaust side of the other side of the oil filter , and oil piped ; compact hosts connected to the motor through a flexible coupling to achieve direct drive , the host and the motor through the flange connection , automatic alignment.
Compact and motor into one host, the installation on the base, the base bottom with four shock absorbers, air compressor through a damper installed in the electric car, the use of over the exhaust port with electric air compressor the total passenger carried by air cylinder is connected, connect the power supply, such as electrical wiring, constitute a complete system. ? Taking fully into account the compressor electric bus on working conditions, cheer short time, start and stop frequently, low exhaust temperature, low temperature and high temperature characteristics. This dedicated compressor system can effectively prevent lubrication system caused by precipitation of condensate oil floats to the issue, and can ensure that the compressor at low and high temperature environment to work properly.
If the system shown in the flowchart work: compressor operation, the motor 1 and the electromagnetic valve 14 is powered, the solenoid valve shut-off control of gas, the vent valve 13 is closed, the intake control valve 4 is opened, the motor is running, the elastic coupling 2 is driven by a compact gas tank in one host is running, the air filtered through the air filter 3, through the intake control valve 4 is sucked hosts, in the host to be compressed, the pressure increase after the gas storage tank into the host, work , the host is the oil sump of the gas under pressure, through the oil filter 8 after filtration, injected into the host providing lubrication and sealing effect, and finally mixed with the compressed air is discharged into the host along with storage gas tank; hosts gas storage tank petroleum gas storage tank mixed gas crude oil and gas separation, and then through an internal channel into the oil separator 6 refined oil and gas separation, oil trapped down, clean compressed air through the oil separator holder +-return portfolio minimum pressure valve 7, the total electric bus transportation to the air cylinder for vehicles with compressed air.
Work, installed in the bottom of the base of the shock absorber 10 is used with the electric bus is connected to mounting plate, play vibration isolation, damping and noise reduction effect. ? When electric buses total air cylinder gas pressure drops to a preset pressure limit (eg 7bar), the total air cylinder mounted on the pressure switch reset, power on, the compressor start working again, intake control open valve 4 open air valve 13 is closed, the air compressor to the total air delivery of compressed air cylinders, gas pressure required to provide the vehicle. ? When failure to make compressor working pressure over-pressure, the valve 18 will be action, vent bleed off pressure, play a security role.
Figure 2 illustrates a system workflow of the product.


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