Electric Portable Air Compressor

  • High efficiency motor
  • Personalized intelligent control system
  • High precision filtration separation system
  • High safety control valve system
  • Safe and convenient transportation design


High efficiency motor

high efficiency, strong and durable

Suitable for the bad operating condition

long service life, effectively reduce running power consumption

F class insulation, IP54 protection level

SKF bearing, low noise, long lifetime

The external filling nozzle, reliable operation and easy maintenance


Personalized intelligent control system

Intelligent control system, full automatic operation, Chinese and English interface, easy operation, clear operation status.

Continuously monitor the important operation parameters,when deviating from the preset value,

automatically send the alarm or stop, and show the cause of the failure, automatically write to the history failure.


High precision filtration separation system

1μm precision air filter, 10 μm precision oil filter,

large capacity design standard to ensure the compressor Long-term efficient and safe operation.

oil content≤3ppm,which provides you with a cleaner air source.

High safety control valve system

high quality inlet control valve, Large caliber, small resistance, precision casting

Reliable check valve, low fluid resistance, good sealing, quick closure

High quality minimum pressure valve, low pressure loss, open and close safety and reliability

temperature control valve prompt response, to avoid the condensed water

The fluoro rubber with O ring , the invisible place gives you the visible safety


Safe and convenient transportation design

the top is equipped with a unique suspension loop, according to the size of the model, the number of rings corresponding to the corresponding number of rings

the bottom collocation is durable, stable wheel structure, ensuring smooth and fast transfer


Type Discharge Pressure Free Air Delivery Power Weight Dimension  Air Supply 
(MPa) (m³/min) (KW/HP) (kg) (mm) (Inch)
SDY37A 0.7 6.7 37/50 1100 2500x1450x1622  R1-1/2″+R1″
SDY37B 1 5.7
SDY37C 1.3 4.8
SDY37D 0.8 6.2
SDY45A 0.7 7.8 45/60 1150 2500x1450x1622  R1-1/2″+R1″
SDY45B 1 6.8
SDY45C 1.3 5.4
SDY45D 0.8 7.5
SDY55A 0.7 10.5 55/75 1890 3906x1720x2099  R1-1/2″+R1″
SDY55B 1 8.5
SDY55C 1.3 7.6
SDY55D 0.8 10
SDY75A 0.7 13.5 75/100 2000 3906x1720x2099  R1-1/2″+R1″
SDY75B 1 11.5
SDY75C 1.3 9.5
SDY75D 0.8 12.8
SDY90A 0.7 16.8 90/122 3280 4700x1700x2230  R1-1/2″+R2-1/2″
SDY90B 1 14.1
SDY90C 1.3 12.2
SDY90D 0.8 16.2
SDY110A 0.7 21 110/150 3580 4700x1700x2230  R1-1/2″+R2-1/2″
SDY110B 1 17.5
SDY110C 1.3 14.5
SDY110D 0.8 20 .0
SDY132A 0.7 24 .0 132/180 3680 4700x1700x2230  R1-1/2″+R2-1/2″
SDY132B 1 20 .5
SDY132C 1.3 16.6
SDY132D 0.8 22.5


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