AUGUST owns a complete sales network system integrating research and development, production and marketing, and establishes the branches everywhere around the world.

Mr. Alberto, Spanish

I really appreciate AUGUST's corporate culture. The past three years of being an agent for AUGUST products has greatly changed my impression of China. During my business trip to AUGUST in 2016, I witnessed the energy of the people and the fast development of the company and the city.

Mr. Denny, Indonesia

Yes, it sells very well! I'm not sure where customers know the brand, they all call to ask, I am excited! The quality and after-sales service system of the brand are really good, every time when I have questions, the factory's technical staff can answer me immediately.

Mr. Thanai, Thailand

They gave me a strong support and even invite me to visit their factory, maybe I will go soon, I heard that the high-speed railway there is amazing! I am also acting for other air compressor brand, but this brand has the highest quality among all brand I touched until now.

For a selected range of countries we can offer the cooperation by establishing dealerships. If you have the potential of being a dealer and establish a strong foothold of the brand in your country , please contact us via the below form. Please explain why you think that you can successfully represent our brand.