This is Warranty – Disclaimer

AUGUST air compressors offer various warranties to ensure a smoothly reliable use of the products and accessories by our customers.

August screw air compressor has 5years warranty
August screw air compressor has 2 years warranty
August screw air compressor has 18months warranty

Five Year Warranty

Two Year Warranty

Eighteen Month Warranty

AUGUST offers a 5-year warranty for the crews of all compressors.

AUGUST offers a 2-year warranty for the engine (screw excluded) of all compressors.

For the parts (wear parts in ordinary maintenance excluded) of all compressors.

screw Warranty
engine Warranty

To take advantage of AUGUST warranties, please be sure to:

  • Purchase a Spare Filter / Maintenance Kit with machine.
  • Fill out and sign start-up report and register compressor with our warranty department (Export).
  • During warranty period, maintain compressor according to operator’s manual including but not limited to recommendation for synthetic oil and filter replacements.
  • Use genuine Maintenance and Filter parts as recommended in the operator’s manual.
  • Use genuine Synthetic Lubricants as recommended in the operator’s manual.
  • Keep the compressor unit in a clean and protected working environment.
  • Avoid accidental damages of any kind to the machine.


Compressed air should never be supplied as breathing air unless air is properly purified for breathing. Ningbo Xinda “AUGUST” assumes no responsibility or liability related to the purchaser’s/user’s use of the air system.

The information contained here in is general in nature and not intended for specific construction, installation or application purposes.