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This book is a common publication. We reserve the right to change the product designs and descriptions at any time.

The pictures and colors in this book may differ from the physical goods, and the physical goods shall prevail.

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 Table of Contents

  • Message from Chairman of BOD
  • Message from President
  • Development
  • Social Responsibility
  • Independent Innovation Responsibility
  • Environmental Protection Responsibility
  • Harmonious Society Responsibility
  • Employee Development Responsibility
  • Research & Development and Talents
  • Collaborate with Famous Universities and Have the Top-class Talents
  • Production Equipment
  • Lean Production
  • Quality Control
  • Services
  • Sales Network
  • Exhibition Features
  • Six Industrial Sections
  • Hongda Elevator  Hosting
  • Printing Machine
  • Elevator Accessories
  • Xinda Screw Compressor AUGUST Brand
  • Lebang Electrical
  • Xinda Heavy Industry
  • Cares from Governmental Officials
  • Future Prospects

From the Chairman Zhao Jikang

Xinda will Create a Century-old Brand

With its efforts for years, Xinda has made achievements in entering the international market, which is one of its development targets. China’s entry into WTO presents a wider stage for us. For its considerable potential, the key to entering the overseas market is understanding the local market demands and conducting a good subsequent marketing and providing excellent technical support.

Xinda aims to “Build a Century-old Brand and Create a Century-old Xinda” for its long-term development. We will create our own brand through dedicated efforts, strict quality control and technical, ideological and management innovations.

From its founding to the present, Xinda maintains continuous improvement and keeps overcoming difficulties and meeting the challenges in the international market, and has become more powerful. We believe that no frustration can prevent Xinda from marching forward, and Xinda will grow into a well-known international !

From the President Zhao Hongming

Honesty & Innovation for Xinda’s Sustainable Development

Xinda always attaches importance to and persist in honest operation. We believe that honesty is not merely shown in the legal operation, but also demonstrated in design, manufacturing and after-sale service, etc. When material prices were going up over the past years, Xinda never transferred the inflation burden to its clients, but chose to reduce its internal costs and maximally compress its own profit margin. For client’s complaint about after-sale service, we always follow the principle of “solution before blame”. This may bring unexpected operating cost, but no corporate reputation should be measured financially.

Innovation is another focus in Xinda’s operation. Xinda has established the provincial research & development center and attaches importance to independent innovation. Every year, Xinda allocates  above 5% of its sales income for the research and development of products. Now, Xinda has become a national innovative enterprise.

We believe that Xinda can certainly achieve new accomplishments through our joint efforts.


  • In 1972, Xinda’s predecessor, “Yinzhou Dongwu Xicun Bakelite Machine Repair Plant” was established.
  • In 1978, the production of elevator accessories started.
  • In 1984, renamed to “Yinxian Elevator Accessories Factory”.
  • In 1987, renamed to “Ningbo Xinda Elevator Accessories Factory”.。
  • In 1989, joined China Elevator Association.
  • In 1990, invented the first PB16A door lock in China and obtained the national patent.
  • In 1991, the door lock was honored as “China’s Customer Satisfaction Product”,

o   won the title of “China’s Customer Satisfaction Service Enterprise”.

  • In 1992, Ningbo Xinda Mechanical and Electrical Industry was founded.
  • In 1993, Ningbo Hongda Elevator Co., Ltd. was founded.
  • In 1994, won the title of “Zhejiang’s Key Township Enterprise”.
  • In 1995, “Ningbo Xinda Mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd.” was established after restructuring.
  • Invested RMB 50 million in importing the internationally first-class traction machine production and testing equipment.
  • In 1996, Ningbo Xinda (Group) Co., Ltd. was founded
  • Successfully developed China’s first ET160 escalator driving motor.
  • The present glory depends on struggle, progress and persistence for forty years.
  • In the challenging and promising 21st century, let us look back to such a passionate and touching a history memorable for all Xinda people!
  • In 1997, elected as “Ningbo Hi-tech Enterprise”.
  • In 1998, Ningbo Xinda Screw Compressor Co., Ltd. was founded,
  • won the title of “Zhejiang’s Exemplary Private Enterprise Taxpayer”
  • obtained the right of handling import and export.
  • In 1999, listed into Zhejiang’s “Top Industrial Enterprises” and “Industrial Enterprises with Best Economic Benefits”
  • won the title of “Zhejiang’s Advanced Technical Innovation Township Enterprise”
  • won the titles of “Four-star Enterprise” and “Glorious Star” from Ningbo Municipal Government.
  • In 2000, successfully developed China’s first permanent-magnet synchronous gearless traction machine
  • won the title of “Ningbo Non-State-Operated Economic Double Civilization Enterprise”
  • Elevator Accessories Factory won the titles of “China’s Customer Satisfaction Product” and “China’s Customer Satisfaction Service Enterprise” for four times and twelve consecutive years.
  • In 2001, Ningbo Xinda Printing Machine Co., Ltd. was founded
  • won the title of “Chinese National Torch Program Key Hi-tech Enterprise”
  • Obtained the tablet of “Ningbo Enterprise Technical Center”
  • The variable frequency speed-adjusting elevator traction machine was listed among “China’s New and Key Products”.
  • In 2002, the phase III project with the building area of 40,000m2 was completed, so the total building area increased to 200,000m2
  • The 68 m  height elevator testing tower was put into use
  • won and received the tablet of “Zhejiang’s Enterprise Technical Center”
  • The variable frequency speed-adjusting elevator traction machine project was listed among the key projects in “Chinese National Torch Program”.
  • In 2003, Ningbo Lebang Electrical Co., Ltd. was established
  • won the title of “Excellent Hi-tech Enterprise in National Torch Program” from the Ministry of Science and Technology
  • Xinda Trademark won the title of “Zhejiang’s Famous Trademark”
  • YA801200WE high-speed shaftless drive combined gravure press was listed in Ningbo Top Ten Scientific and Technological Progress Projects in 2003.
  • In 2004, the Group was listed among “China’s Top Ten Enterprises in Hoisting and Transport Equipment Manufacturing Industry”
  • Xinda Company won the title of “Zhejiang’s Famous Company”
  • The elevator traction machine was elected as Zhejiang’s famous-brand product
  • invested RMB60 million in the machine-roomless elevator technological transformation project and imported the internationally first-class flexible sheet metal production line equipment.
  • In 2005, won the titles of Ningbo’s  “Top 50 Taxpayers” and Ningbo’s “High-integrity Enterprise”
  • won the title of “China’s Advanced Township Enterprise in Science and Technology”
  • Xinda Elevator Accessories Factory won the title of “China’s Customer Satisfaction Advanced Enterprise in Construction Machinery Industry”
  • The permanent-magnet synchronous gearless traction machine passed CE certification.
  • In 2006, won the title of “China’s Top 100 Outstanding Private Scientific and Technical Enterprises”
  • won the titles of “Outstanding Enterprise of Technological Transformation during the ‘Tenth Five-year Plan’ Period” and “Zhejiang’s Patent Model Enterprise”
  • The permanent-magnet synchronous gearless traction machine project was listed in the “Chinese National Torch Program”
  • The high-speed gravure press with electronic shaft drive was awarded the golden medal in Zhejiang’s industrial design competition
  • Hongda HOSTING elevator was honored as Ningbo’s famous-brand product
  • AUGUST brand screw air compressor was honored as Ningbo’s famous-brand product.
  • In 2007, the 4000m2 research and development building of technical center was handed over.
  • elected in the fifth list of Top 500 Machinery Companies in China (ranked No. 338)
  • won the title of “Brand Pursuing for Customer Satisfaction and Creating Excellence” from China Association for Quality
  • After-sale Service Department won the title of “China’s Customer Satisfaction Service Star Team” from China Association for Quality
  • won the title of Ningbo’s “Top 50 Taxpayers” in 2006
  • listed among “Zhejiang’s Innovative Pilot Enterprises”
  • Hongda Elevator’s high rise escalator was included in Ningbo’s “Key Research and Development Subsidy Program”.
  • In 2008, listed in Ningbo’s Key Enterprises in Advanced Equipment Manufacturing Industry in 2008
  • “Xinda” trademark won the title of “Famous Trademark in China”
  • Hongda Elevator’s “HOSTING” trademark won the title of “Famous Trademark in China”
  • Hongda Elevator’s HD6000 machine-roomless elevator project was listed in “Chinese National Torch Program”
  • Hongda Elevator’s HD6000 machine-roomless elevator won the title of “Ningbo’s Best New Industrial Product of Independent Innovation”
  • FWZ high-speed gravure press without shaft drive won the title of “Zhejiang’s First Unit (set) of Product in Equipment Manufacturing Industry”
  • Elevator Accessories Factory won the titles of “China’s Customer Satisfaction Product” and “China’s Customer Satisfaction Service Enterprise” for 7 consecutive times (1991-2008).
  • In 2009, Xinda Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. was founded
  • listed in the “Third Group of Innovative Pilot Enterprises in China”
  • obtained the tablet of Ningbo Enterprise Academician Workstation
  • won the title of Advanced Unit of Harmonious Enterprise Construction in Ningbo
  • Hongda Elevator won the title of “Chinese National Torch Program Key Hi-tech Enterprise”
  • Hongda HD6000 machine-roomless elevator was listed in the industrial and technological achievements conversion project of Ministry of Finance
  • Xinda Elevator Accessories Factor won the title of “Chinese National Torch Program Key Hi-tech Enterprise”
  • The spread press embossing production line won the title of “Ningbo’s Best New Industrial Product of Independent Innovation in 2008”.
  • In 2010, listed as “China’s Innovative Enterprise”
  • Xinda Printing Machine Company was honored as “China’s Hi-tech Enterprise”
  • The intelligent printing machine project was elected by National Development and Reform Commission as the Key Industrial Rejuvenation and Technical Tendering Project won the title of “Ningbo Benchmark Enterprise in Combination of Industrialization and Informationization

Five categories and 22 series of products including elevator, escalator, screw air compressor, printing machine, gearless traction machine, etc. were elected as Ningbo’s first group of independent innovative products.

Elevator and escalator products were listed in Catalogue for First Group of Products in Ningbo’s Government Procurement

won the title of China’s Customer Satisfaction Unit and Customer Satisfaction Service Enterprise for 8 consecutive times in 20 years.

Practicality, Innovation, Honesty, Responsibility, Dedication, Challenge

On the basis of Xinda’s practice, we organize the activities of enterprise social responsibility (CSR) to establish the trust with relevant creditors. Meanwhile, we further guarantee the sustainable development of Xinda Group and make contributions to the healthy social development! In this way, we set up our social responsibility missions and commitments.

Three Missions: Build a more thriving and powerful country; Build a more harmonious society; Build a more healthy enterprise.

Nine Commitments: Development, Honesty, Legality, Resource, Environment, Culture, Charity, Employment, Safety.


Independent Innovation Responsibility

Stick to independent research and development and independent innovation, d evelop high-end products

Xinda keeps investing more than 5% of its sales income in the research and development every year, in order to guarantee its continuous technical development and achievements conversion. So far, almost RMB500 million has been invested in the large-scale re – engineering of technical equipment and process.

Xinda has set up a provincial enterprise technical center research and development team, with members of Chinese Academy of Engineering acting as its consultants, and an academician workstation. In 2009, we won the title of Zhejiang’s Excellent Enterprise Technical Center. Now, we own many core key technologies and independent intellectual property rights for energy-saving elevator, high-grade gravure press and screw air compressor. In particular, we are leading in energy-saving technology and innovative technologies of elevators and their traction machines in China.


Technical Innovation


▲Develop more than 40 new products per year;

▲Own 150 patents, including 12 patents for invention;

▲Participate in drafting 14 national standards and be responsible for 3 of them;

▲Xinda has undertaken 4 projects of Chinese National Torch Program, 2 national key new product projects, and 1 industrial and technological achievements conversion project of Ministry of Finance;

▲ Have 1 product elected as Zhejiang’s first unit (set) of product in key field of equipment manufacturing industry, 2 prizes of Ningbo Science and Technology Progress Award, and 2 products elected as Ningbo’s new industrial product of independent innovation.

▲In 2010, five categories and 22 series of products including elevator, escalator, screw air compressor, printing machine, gearless traction machine, etc. were elected as Ningbo’s first group of independent innovative products.

Management Mode Innovation

Hongda actively performs the construction of corporate informationization and adopts the ERP management system to preliminarily realize the intelligent and network office. Moreover, we apply CAE optimization analysis and PLM system to optimize the product designs, shorten the development period and realize the collaboration of sale, production and material, so as to considerably improve our market competitiveness.

Environmental Protection Responsibility

Innovation Leader, Efficient Ecological Solution

In the process of development, we always pay equal attention to production and environmental protection and make efforts to reduce the adverse effect of own development on local environment.

▲Pay equal attention to production and environmental protection and guarantee our harmonious relationship with residents

▲Make efforts to build the development mode of cleaner production and realize the sustainable development

▲Attach importance to environmental protection and construction and develop a green environment  factory

▲Actively participate in the new countryside construction and improve the local countryside natural and social environments

▲Actively make donations to the green carbon fund to construct a “Forestry Yinzhou”

Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection, Benefits to the Public

We always pay equal attention to production efficiency and environmental protection to reduce the adverse effect of own development on local environment. We make large investments, import first-class equipments, strictly control the discharge of “three wastes” (wastewater, water gas and waste residues) and handle the disposal of waste gas and wastewater and the noise control. We also develop barren hills and construct reservoirs for the development of ecological environment, so as to improve the production and living environment for local villagers.

Development of Energy-saving Product and Clean Energy

We successfully develop machine-roomless elevator, screw air compressor, combined gravure press and other high-efficiency and low-consumption products of electromechanical integration. Among them, the machine-roomless elevator adopts the permanent-magnet synchronous gearless traction machine technology and the regenerative energy feedback and utilization technology, so as to realize the comprehensive energy conservation of over 40%. The screw air compressors in 28 specifications reach the level of national class II energy conservation.

We import spraying production line and other advanced equipments and optimize the process flow to improve the working environment and avoid the effect of production on the life of residents.

Heat conversion equipment is used together with Xinda’s gravure press to convert hot air into heat energy and dry the printing ink, so as to significantly reduce the energy consumption.

We purchase the wastewater treatment equipment to make all the discharged water meet China’s relevant standards.

Company’s Tug-of-war Friendly Game

Yinzhou Youth Union’s Tenth Anniversary Evening Party

Cultural Activity of New Countryside Construction

Harmonious Society Responsibility

We actively participate in new countryside construction and lead the villagers to develop the local ecological environment and beautify the mountainous environment. Moreover, we provide the employment opportunities for people in the mountainous areas. We have won the Contribution Prize for participation of private enterprises in new socialist countryside construction in Zhejiang Province and the titles of Ningbo Advanced Unit in collaboration of enterprise and village for new socialist countryside construction and Ningbo Advanced Unit in construction of harmonious enterprise.

  • Signing Ceremony for Xinda Scholarship Contract
  • “New Yinzhou on Harmonious Path” Evening
  • Xinda School
  • Army-Enterprise Basketball Friendly Game
  • Donation
  • Be Thankful, Be Helpful

We are extensively involved in charity and warmhearted to help disadvantaged groups. We have participated in poverty relief, scholarship, disaster relief, condolence visit and other social work. We have won the titles of Yinzhou District Charity Model and Ningbo Private Enterprise with Love.

  1. was accumulatively invested in developing barren hills, constructing scenic spots and building reservoirs at Nanshan Mountain of Tiantong and Qi’ao of Hualong
  2. was donated to the community hospital for reconstructing
  3. was donated to China Green Carbon Fund
  4. was contributed as the initial capital for the new countryside construction of Dixi Village
  5. was accumulatively contributed to the restructuring and refurbishment of Dongwu middle and primary schools
  6. was donated for Wenchuan Earthquake
  7. was paid as the initial capital of new countryside construction
  8. was sent to the earthquake stricken areas in Wenchuan
  9. was donated for the construction of community hospital

 Employee Development Responsibility

Xinda has formed a team of talented personnel with different professions and set up the plan of “Senior Employees Tutoring New Recruits” to cultivate new talents. Moreover, we have input a lot of human and financial resources and combined training experts from consulting company with internal tutors, system learning with specific training, to improve the professional quality of managers and technicians.

Build Harmonious Relationship with Employees

We keep people-oriented to build the harmonious relationship with employees, defend their rights and interests and take care of their life. Moreover, we hold colorful cultural and recreational activities and construct the platform to facilitate our communications with employees.

Collaborate with Famous Universities, Pool the Top-class Talents

  • A municipal enterprise technical center was set up in 2001
  • Obtained the tablet of provincial enterprise technical center in 2002
  • Evaluated as excellent in the municipal assessment for three consecutive times in 2005, 2007 and 2009
  • Won the title of Zhejiang’s Excellent Enterprise Technical Center in 2009
  • Obtained the tablet of academician workstation in 2009.
  • The Center set up a provincial enterprise technical center research and development team, with Wang Yousheng, member of Chinese Academy of Engineering acting as its consultant, and built a long-term and solid cooperative relationship with Zhejiang University and other universities and scientific research institutions. In 2010, we cooperated with Academician Tan Jianrong from Zhejiang University to develop the full life cycle digital information system for elevator, and also collaborated with General Machinery Research Institute of the former Machinery Ministry, Tsinghua University, Institute of Building Mechanization of China Academy of Building Research, etc. in several projects of screw air compressor, gearless traction machine frequency converter, elevator safety parts and printing machine.
  • Projects Cooperated with Universities and Scientific Research Institutions
  • The Research and Development of TG30 Two-way Speed Governor and SDXD Mutual Safety Gear Technology
  • Institute of Building Mechanization of China Academy of Building Research
  • The Research and Development of Elevator Frequency Converter
  • Tsinghua University
  • The Research and Development of Bench Computer Collecting, Processing and Testing System for Complete-set and Framework of Screw Air Compressor
  • Hefei General Machinery Research Institute
  • The Research and Development of Elevator Integrated Intelligent Controller
  • Sanyi Electrical and Electronic Engineering Co., Ltd. of Zhejiang University
  • The Study of Three-phase Asynchronous Motor Testing System
  • Zhejiang University
  • The Research and Development of Key Technologies and Devices for Elevator with Energy Feedback and Intelligent Control
  • Zhejiang University
  • The Digital Information Platform and System for Full Life Cycle of Elevator (XD-PLM)
  • Academician Tan Jianrong Studio of Zhejiang University
  • The Research and Development of Motor Controller for Electric Vehicle
  • Sanyi Electrical and Electronic Engineering Co., Ltd. of Zhejiang University
  • The Study of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Testing System
  • Zhejiang University
  • The Study of Three-phase AC Motor Testing System
  • Zhejiang University
  • The Study of Motor Testing System
  • Zhejiang University
  • The Study of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Delivery Testing System
  • Zhejiang University
  • Surface Printing Quality and Image Testing System
  • Beijing Hanwang Machine Vision Technology Co., Ltd.
  • The Research and Development of High-speed Drum Printing Machine Intelligent Drying Technology and Information-based Management System
  • Zhejiang University
  • 50KW Wind Turbine Generator Sample Grid Integration Control System
  • Zhejiang University

Research Team

Pool Top-class Technical Talents

Talented people are the main contributors to an enterprise’s development. Xinda attaches much importance to cultivating various talented personnel, including workers, technicians and managers, and gradually formed a set of complete internal employee training system.

Leading Science and Technology, Top-class Equipment in the World

Advanced equipment can guarantee high-precision and high-end products. Xinda Group has the strong ability of design and manufacturing, and owns a lot of first-class manufacturing equipments including NC laser cutter, CNC multi-stations punch press, NC plate bending machine, processing center, spraying production line, welding robot and well-equipped production line, etc., so as to provide the secure guarantee for our high-quality and high-added-value products. We adopt risk management and delicacy operation for safe production and employ precise testing instruments for more stable products, more complete functions and longer service life.

Efficient Production, Delicate Details

We own the world’s first-class production equipment to guarantee the perfect quality of products, while our full automatic production line guarantees efficient production and delicate detail

Top-class Equipment in the World

High-end Equipment, the Strong Support for Quality

For years, Xinda has accumulatively invested more than RMB500 million in importing the advanced production equipment from other countries and constructing the world’s first class processing center. Being well equipped, we can focus on the precision of parts to win a dominant position in the market.

Intensified Technology, Precise Operation

Xinda attaches importance to precise operation and employees’ skill improvement. We employ the standardization of management, set up a technical team, strengthen the technical training, periodically arrange the study activities, and strictly abide by ISO9001:2000 quality and CE marking certification systems.

Lean Operation Procedure

Xinda always implements the lean operation and requires every employee to follow the operation procedure in their work, so as to firmly improve the production efficiency and eliminate the waste of production resources. We rectify the “habitual” behaviors formed in the long-term production process and significantly enhance the enforcement of operation behavioral norms, so as to radically improve the production efficiency.

Lean Production

The Group distributes the responsibilities to all the levels in the organization structure, and employs the group working method to fully motivate all employees and eliminate any defect and waste at each post. Meanwhile, we focus on perfection and realize no reject and zero inventory by means of constant cost reduction, quality improvement and increasing production flexibility, so as to consolidate our advantages in the market competitions.

Quality Control

Xinda realizes the coordinative allocation of testing equipment and processing equipment. We put more than RMB50 million into testing instruments, import a lot of world’s first-class testing equipments, and construct some testing equipments and facilities including China’s first 65m tall elevator accessories testing tower, the internationally comparable precision inspection and test center, the silent test room up to international standards, and the heavy-duty escalator test bench, etc.

In the meanwhile, Xinda cultivates a large group of skillful quality inspectors and establishes the well-developed quality assurance system to constantly improve its product quality.

Raw Materials Test

We always strictly control the raw materials from suppliers and perform the standard tests to guarantee that all the raw materials are qualified and the product quality meets national standards.

Production Test

Xinda owns China’s top-class elevator accessories testing laboratory and import the digital elevator testing system with brand-new concept. Xinda commits to supply every product without defect to win your trust.

Product Test

Xinda promises to all customers that “no defective product enters the market”. We synchronously import and coordinate processing equipment and testing equipment.


Xinda believes that the completion of sales contract is not the finish of work, but a start of new work.

While keeping honest and focusing on details, we complete the high-standard professional service system and strengthen the service awareness of our team to provide the all-round high-quality services in the whole production and operation.

Well-trained Technicians

Xinda’s technicians are well-trained. The training experts not merely hold some periodical training lectures at the technical support center, but also provide the continuous work training for maintenance technicians at the site. All these complete training plans nurture our acute and experienced technicians in the industry.

Professional Maintenance Teams

Our professional maintenance teams provide the satisfying maintenance and specialized services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Every team is responsible for its assigned work, which can increase our knowledge of your equipment and allow you to get familiar with our maintenance personnel.

Customer Managers

You will enjoy the services from one of our full-time customer managers, who guarantee to perform all our service commitments. The customer managers have received strict training and been able to provide you with business solutions to satisfy your special needs.

Customer Satisfaction Contracts

Xinda’s service contracts can win customer satisfaction at the services we provided. We make efforts to prepare the clearly-stated and understandable service contracts.

Global Point-of-sale Network

Xinda Group owns a complete sales network system integrating research and development, production and marketing, and establishes the branches everywhere around the world.

Regions to which Hongda Elevators and Escalators are exported

  • Asia
  • Africa
  • Europe
  • America
  • Oceania
  • 1. General Agency Office in South America
  • 2. General Agency Office in Spain
  • 3. General Agency Office in Sweden
  • 4. General Agency Office in Poland
  • 5. General Agency Office in Jordan
  • 6. General Agency Office in Italy
  • 7. General Agency Office in Egypt
  • 8. General Agency Office in South Africa
  • 9.  General Agency Office in Iran
  • 10. General Agency Office in Pakistan
  • 11.  General Agency Office in Russia
  • 12. General Agency Office in Thailand
  • 13. General Agency Office in Malaysia
  • 14. General Agency Office in South Korea
  • 15. General Agency Office in Indonesia


Exhibition Features

Based in China, and Export to International Market

Xinda keeps its presence at various featured international exhibitions in China, Germany, Turkey, Brazil and other countries. For both exhibited products and exemplary corporate image, we have won the favors and praises from various Chinese and foreign customers, definitely demonstrating Xinda Group’s trustworthy quality and favorable service in the international market.

  1. Ningbo Hongda Elevator Co., Ltd.
  2. Ningbo Xinda Elevator Accessories Co., Ltd.
  3. Ningbo Xinda Screw Compressor Co., Ltd. AUGUST
  4. Ningbo Xinda Printing Machine Co., Ltd
  5. Ningbo Lebang Electrical Co., Ltd
  6. Xinda Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.

Six Industrial Sections

Xinda is one of the most innovative machinery manufacturing groups in China.

For our machines, factories and solutions, we represent the cutting-edge technologies in various fields. We fully cooperate with others from elevator to printing machine and from wind energy to air compressor, so as to provide the solutions for important applications in various sectors and future markets.

  • The First Group of Hi-tech Enterprises in 2008 ※
  • Chinese National Torch Program Key Hi-tech Enterprise
  • China’s Top 20 Companies in Elevator Industry
  • China’s Top 5 Self-owned Brand Elevator Enterprises
  • Chairman of Ningbo Elevator Association
  • Product of Trustworthy Quality in Zhejiang
  • Ningbo’s Famous-brand Product
  • Product Recommended by Ningbo Consumers Association

Ningbo Hongda Elevator Co., Ltd.

Hongda Elevator, by relying on the research and development team of its provincial enterprise technical center, whose consultant is Professor Wang Yousheng, a Chinese electrical and electronic control experts and member of Chinese Academy of Engineering; has strong ability in independent innovation and research & development of energy-saving technology, and owns leading advantage and many independent intellectual property rights in the field of energy-saving and innovation of elevator and elevator traction machine.

Hongda Elevator has imported first-class complete sets of equipment for metal cutting, sheet metal fabrication and coating and test equipment worth RMB500 million. Our products are widely applied in the government-financed projects, real estate projects, hotels and urban rail transit projects and more than 30% of our products are exported to South America, Europe, Asia and Africa ; our export volume ranks ninth in China and second in self-owned brand of China.

  • The second place in self-owned brand of China
  • The ninth place for export volume
  • The export of 5,000 elevators and escalators


  1. Hongda Elevator’s series products
  2. Moving Walk
  3. Elevators

High-speed commercial passenger elevator, home elevator, small machine-room elevator, machine-roomless elevator, observation elevator, medical elevator, cargo elevator

Domestic Project Case

  • Anhui International Huacheng
  • Jinjiacao Community
  • Panhuo Wanhe Community
  • Panhuo Shiji New Village
  • Romon Building
  • Guohua Building
  • Riyue Xingzuo Building
  • Xiamen Torque Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone
  • Wenzhou Xuezhimeng Group
  • Huifeng Homestead
  • Ningbo Shenzhou Knitting Co., Ltd.
  • Hubei Guangshui Xintiandi Real Estate
  • Xieyue Chengguo of Huizhou Haodi Properties
  • Shijiazhuang Zhongji Real Estate
  • Panshidu Village in Jiangshan
  • Wanjin Renjia Estate in Dongqianhu
  • Xianping Xiyuan Estate in Dongqianhu
  • Xiangya Lake in Kunming
  • Beijing Shanshuiju Real Estate Development
  • Bihai Shangcheng Estate in Dalian
  • Baoji Taisen Real Estate
  • Benxi Daming Biotech Park
  • Weihai Wanghai Real Estate
  • Liyang Jiayuan Estate in Anhui
  • Yangzhou Huafang Properties
  • Shuian Mingdu Estate in Woyang
  • Yanyuan Phase II of Anhui Kaxike Properties
  • Rongxin Properties in Xuchang
  • Ningbo Rail Transit
  • China Hong Kong City in Jiaxing
  • Kanglaite Store in Yichang
  • BEST Plaza in Ningbo
  • Zhaobao Plaza in Zhenhai
  • Green Garden Properties in Zhangjiagang
  • Longcheng Properties in Zhucheng
  • Desheng Furniture in Mingquan, Kunming
  • Fusheng Real Estate in Shaowu, Fujia
  • Xiaolong Jewelry Store
  • Tianyi Store, Guomei Electrical Appliances
  • Xiandai Store
  • Tianlun Plaza
  • Desheng Real Estate in Yunnan
  • and many more

Overseas Project Cases

  • Five-star Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Landscape Apartment in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • ALMACEN ZARA in Bogota, Colombia
  • SALITRE PLAZA in Bogota, Colombia
  • Zara-TT in Bogota, Colombia
  • TERASKOTA in Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Hotel in Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Shopping Hall in Panama
  • The largest production scale in China
  • The highest strength of research and development
  • The most advanced processing and testing equipment
  • Elevator accessories manufacturer
  • and many more

Ningbo Xinda Elevator Accessories Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Xinda Elevator Accessories Co., Ltd. is one of the enterprises that started manufacturing of elevator accessories earliest have the largest capacity and the most advanced equipment and manufacturing technologies in China.

We adhere to the operation philosophy “create our brand with good faith and build our future through technical innovations” and dedicate to the research, development and manufacture of independent innovative products. We are the first to have successfully developed permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine and have created six items “Ranking First in China”. Till now, Ningbo Xinda Elevator Accessories Co., Ltd is the national key high technology enterprise and its projects for Xinda traction machine and gearless traction machine are certified as national key new products and national torch program of China.  Ningbo Xinda Elevator Accessories Co., Ltd and its main products have been awarded the titles of “National Customers Satisfied Products” and “National Customers Satisfied Service Provider” eight times in succession during twenty years (from 1991 to 2010).

Ningbo Xinda Screw Compressor Co., Ltd. AUGUST

Ningbo Xinda Screw Compressor Co., Ltd. is the key enterprise of China’s screw air compressor industry and has a powerful research and development team and international first-class processing and testing equipment for screw air compressor. We specialize in manufacturing S series intelligent, environment-friendly and maintenance-free screw air compressor with integrated high efficiency, energy saving and low noise; our main product reaches the standard of national Class 2 high efficiency and energy-saving products and is the energy-saving product emphatically popularized by Zhejiang province.

We combine the advanced German technologies with the latest research achievement in China and rely on the core technology we own, to establish our leading position in the industry and provide advanced solution to compressed air system for customers in and outside China.

As an outstanding representative of Chinese self-owned brand, Xinda screw air compressor is not only the best choice in domestic market, but also meets the European standard, selling well overseas and enjoying high reputation among overseas customers.

  • National Class II Energy-saving Product
  • CE Marking Product Quality
  • ASME available
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 1217
  • We should pay more attention to operating cost while putting an emphasis on purchasing cost.
  • Our products save more cost of energy consumption for your undertaking.

Xinda screw air compressor is characterized by high efficiency, energy conservation and low pollution. It was listed among Ningbo’s key promoted energy-saving products and won the title of Ningbo Famous-brand Product in 2006. Now, it has been applied in Daqing Oilfield, Shengli Oilfield, Haier Group, Mengniu, Frestech, and other large projects and well-known enterprises.

  • China’s Well-known Trademark    Zhejiang’s Famous-brand Product   China’s Famous Brand of Air Compressor     China’s Customer Satisfaction Product
  • Ningbo’s Key Promoted Energy-saving Product
  • ISO9001:2000 Quality System Certification
  • CE Marking
  • Intelligent Control System
  • Efficient and Reliable Cooling System
  • Efficient Filtration and Separation System
  • Reliable Control Valve System
  • High-performance Microwave Computer-based Controller
  • Maintenance-free high-efficiency Motor
  • Air Cooled
  • Water Cooled
  • Variable Frequency
  • Versatile usage

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Ningbo Xinda Printing Machine Co., Ltd

Ningbo Xinda Printing Machine Co., Ltd is a national high technology enterprise and ranks among the top three in China by its research and development capability and manufacturing technology, its main products are medium and high grade combined type copper plate press, high-grade coating compound machine and multifunctional integrated production line. The technologies of Xinda copper plate press reach the Japanese standard of similar products and its combined copper plate press with electronic shaft drive is leading in China and exported to Taiwan, Thailand and Canada . The high-speed shaft-less combined copper plate press ranks among national key new products in 2007 and have obtained the honorary titles of “First product in the key field of equipment manufacturing industry in Zhejiang Province”, “Gold Prize in Industrial Design Contest in Zhejiang Province” and the “Best Independent Innovative Industrial New Products in Ningbo” in 2009.

We will proceed to dedicate to the design and manufacture of equipment with high quality, high efficiency and low operating cost for all the printing and packing product manufacturer and pursuit strong technical support and considerate after-sale service for customers.

Direct the Trend with Technology, Create the Future with Quality

In the severely competitive printing machine market, Ningbo Xinda Printing Machine Co., Ltd. rises rapidly and ranks third for its production technology and research and development ability in China within only three years after its establishment. Its high-grade combined gravure press has reached the same quality as the similar products from Japan, while its shaft less drive combined gravure press is leading in China and listed among “Ningbo Top 10 Scientific and Technological Progresses”. At present, Xinda’s gravure presses are favored by many customers for high technology content and great cost efficiency.

  • FWZ series gravure press with/without electronic shaft drive
  • EST series gravure press with/without electronic shaft drive
  • FM series gravure press
  • FG/FGL series gravure press
  • FXL series gravure press
  • Combined gravure press
  • FGX series dry laminating machine
  • TYA series paper coating gravure press
  • FJZ series paper gravure press

Ningbo Lebang Electrical Co., Ltd

Lebang Electrical Co., Ltd. specializes in research and development, manufacturing and marketing of electrical drive products and industrial controllers including variable frequency drives, automatic control and high efficiency and energy saving products etc. We have a senior technical expert team. We follow the current trend of international technology and introduce the LB series of frequency converters for universal and exclusive use, energy feedback and integrated solution products, which are widely applied in numerical control machine, blower, water pump, printing machines,  plastic, compressor and elevator industries.

  • LG60G high-performance universal frequency converter
  • LB60P fan/pump frequency converter
  • LB60PZ water supply frequency converter
  • LB60ZSD injection molding integration injection machine economizer
  • LB60CZ lathe frequency converter
  • LB90G elevator frequency converter
  • LB300 model elevator main controller
  • LB80G energy feedback device series
  • Servo electro-hydraulic drive system

XDW12-30 wind turbine generator Global Distribution Partner

Xinda Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. independently designs and develops XDW12-30 permanent magnet direct-driven wind turbine generator and owns its intellectual property right.

▲    The generator can operate at the wind speed ranging from 3m/s to 25m/s. When the wind speed at the wind farm reaches 10m/s, its rated power is 30kW;

▲    The generator has the functions of automatic yaw, automatic untwisting, double braking and controllable rectification.

▲    The generator has the advantages of simple structure, high electromagnetic compatibility, high power density, short commissioning period, convenient maintenance and safety.

▲    The generator is classified into offline and online, which are applicable to different climates and elevations.

Xinda Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.

Xinda Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. was registered and established in February 2009, and we will make efforts to develop new energy industry, aiming to push energy saving and emission reduction and develop low-carbon economy.

Through cooperation with Zhejiang University and other universities and research institutions, we are currently making great efforts to research, develop and manufacture MW direct-driven wind turbine generator unit and has a team of electronics, electrical, IT, automatic control and mechanical experts.

By observing the operation philosophy of Technical Innovations and Serving the Society, Xinda Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. will work hard to become a new outstanding company in large high-end equipment industry and new energy industry.


Visitors To Ningbo Xinda Group Factories VIP

  • On September 22nd 2007, Academician Wu Cheng and Academician Ni Guangnan of Chinese Academy of Engineering visited Xinda and gave advices.
  • On September 19th 2009, Professor Wang Yousheng , academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and consultant of Xinda Technical Center gave advices at the production site.
  • Deputy Director Xing Shengcai of State Intellectual Property Office visited Xinda
  • Deputy Director Wang Tailai of Secretariat Third Bureau of the State Council arrived and visited Xinda
  • Director Zhang Gang of Special Equipment Department of General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, President Reng Tianxiao of China Elevator Association and Li Shoulin, head of Institute of Building Mechanization of China Academy of Building Research and Secretary-general of China Elevator Association at Xinda’s exhibition stand
  • Zhang Gang, counselor of the State Council and the former director of Special Equipment Department of General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine visited Xinda’s production site
  • Bayin Chaolu, Chairman of Political Consultative Conference of Jilin Province (the former secretary of Ningbo Municipal Party Committee) visited Xinda
  • Wu Xiaoling, Vice Chairman of Subcommittee of Financial and Economic Affairs, National People’s Congres visited Xinda
  • Ding Yaomin, member of the national committee of CPPCC (the former director of Zhejiang Provincial Economic and Trade Commission) visited Xinda
  • Huang Xingguo, Mayor of Tianjin City and the former secretary of Ningbo Municipal Party Committee visited Xinda’s production site

Cares from Governmental Officials

As a leading role of self-owned brand, Xinda Group has received the care and attention from all levels of governments for many years, and many national leaders have paid visits and given advices to us, and highly praised our development.

Wang Jianman, Vice Governor of Zhejiang Province (3rd on the right in the front row) visited Xinda Precision Test Center

Mao Guanglie, Vice Governor of Zhejiang Province (the former mayor of Ningbo City) visited Xinda’s production site (1st on the left in the front row)

Jin Deshui, Deputy Director of the People’s Congress of Zhejiang Province (the former mayor of Ningbo City) (2nd on the right) visited Xinda

On May 12th 2005, Liu Qi, Mayor of Ningbo City, (2nd on the right) visited Xinda

On May 31st 2005, Sun Jinlong, Secretary of Hefei Municipal Party Committee of Anhui Province and Mayor Wu Cunlong visited Xinda

On August 15th 2006, Lin Jingguo, Mayor Assistant of Ningbo City visited Xinda

On September 18th 2006, Shou Yongnian, Member of the Standing Committee of Ningbo Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of Yinzhou District Party Committee (1st on the left) and Ma Weiguang, Secretary of Ningbo Zhenhai District Party Committee (2nd on the left) visited Xinda’s production site

On October 30th 2007, Wang Zhuohui, Chairman of Political Consultative Conference of Ningbo City (middle) visited Xinda’s production site

On May 11th 2010, Kong Xiangdong, Vice President of Yanshan University, visited Xinda


  • Firmly Walk Into Future
  • Xinda explores together with employees;
  • Proceeds with customers and partners;
  • Leads the industry development;
  • Xinda—a trustworthy and respectable large modern enterprise  international partner for Wind Power Projects